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Erin Wasson on designing for Lucchese and road trips to nowhere

Erin Wasson

We've seen some truly extraordinary creative projects emerge from our time in isolation and lockdown.

The latest comes to us all the way from New York courtesy of photographer Gillian Zinser and model mogul Erin Wasson - an emotive photo editorial.

Wasson's latest project is a partnership with Lucchese. Together they collaborated on a unique range of boots. It's fitting, as we well know, boots are a quintessential element of Wasson's enviable style. Then, Zinser shot a moody editorial of Wasson modelling her Lucchese boots during the height of New York's isolation period. An unprecedented time, Wasson shares her thoughts on the collaboration and hopes for the future.


Hi I’m…

Erin Wasson.


And I’m a…

Sensationalist, dirt digging adventurer.


Erin Wasson


Describe yourself in three words…

Texas. Tough love. Truth seeker.


Current mood…



Erin Wasson

Words you live by…

Take it easy, but take it all the way.


Erin Wasson


Recently inspired by…

All of the incredible demonstrations and protesting going on across the country right now, the Supreme Court rulings in favour of LGBTQ, abortion, and immigration rights! All of my creative projects. and forever my record collection.


What’s kept you sane in this wild ride of a year...

Dog walks, drives upstate, losing myself in books.


I really miss…

Going to matinee movie theaters alone. Road trips to nowhere.


Erin Wasson

Currently craving…

Swims in the Mediterranean ocean. Long sushi dinners with too much sake. Sweaty dance parties.


Turn ons...

Unapologetic truth. People that look you in the eyes and explain themselves completely.


Highly allergic to…

The government right now. People not putting in the work to make themselves better versions of themselves.


How have all the events of 2020 recalibrated the way you want to live your life...

This year has forced us all into such a deep state of reflection. It’s made me want to write a whole new book - not just a new chapter. I know I don’t want to go backwards. I want to take the things I love with me, and leave the patterns behind. I want to work from a place of love, learning to be less driven by the American idea of success.



Tell me about what inspired this collaboration with Lucchese?

I’ve always been such a fan of the brand and its timeless style - I’ve been wearing their boots forever. So I thought it’d be fun to design a few collections for them keeping true to their classic forms, but throwing in a bit of my own personal panache. A lot of my inspiration for the collections came from each of my girlfriends I named each boot after. And obviously Nancy Sinatra!


What about the brand inspires you?

Lucchese is a 135 year old company that was started by an Italian immigrant. The shoes are made by hand in a border town in Texas and most of the craftsman have been working there for generations. I don’t know of anything more romantic than a man’s dreams turned into a legacy like that. And with immigration reform and control being such a huge topic in our political landscape right now, I think it’s so important that we acknowledge and celebrate all the immigrant success stories here in this country that make America the beautifully eclectic, creative, melting pot that we are at our best. And that’s what Lucchese represents to me.


Next on your to do list….

Relocating to Europe!


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