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Girl power forever – Another Spice Girls documentary is in the works

new spice girls documentary

Finally, some good news in the documentary space. Instead of examining the life of Princess Diana, again, or capitalising off the tumultuous rise of Amy Winehouse, again, or digging into Marilyn Monroe's affairs, again, someone has thought to give the people what they actually want. Which, is another Spice Girls documentary – please and thank you.

Sure, we might have Spice World and Giving You Everything and The Spice Girls Story: Viva Forever! but I'd much rather too much spice than not enough flavour, wouldn't you agree?

What is the new Spice Girls documentary about?

Off the back of the success of Netflix docuseries The Last Dance, which chronicled the influential career of basketballer Michael Jordan and the cultural impact of his team, the Chicago Bulls, the showmakers have set their sights on the Spice Girls.

Forming in 1994 and heralding the return of the all-girl pop group, the Spice Girls became a cultural sensation. They brought feminism – albeit a palatable, watered-down version – to a 90s audience through the chant of "girl power" at a time when the movement was a dirty word. They were working class, deliciously candid and their rambunctious energy was infectious. Their songs were catchy too, with “Wannabe” reaching number one in 37 countries.

The new, so far untitled film, will track the Spice Girls' rise to stardom, and feature interviews from each of the group's five members – Emma Bunton (my namesake), Melanie C, Mel B, Geri Halliwell and even Victoria Beckham – who have all signed on to feature in the documentary.

Is there a release date?

As of yet, there's no concrete information about a release date, especially as much of the production details are tightly under wraps. Watch this space as more information slowly trickles out.

The good news is you have an extensive Spice Girls back catalogue to dive into in the meantime.

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