I look to you: friends of RUSSH send love letters to their heroes

Joan Didion, The Spice Girls, Planet Earth - friends and contributors of RUSSH pen letters to their icons, collated and collaged by Contributing Editor Kitty Callaghan.

Sarah Ellen

to Diana Vreeland

Freya Esders

to Cinema

Duc Thinh Dong

to the future

Charlotte Hicks

to Stan Getz

Arielle Gamble

to Earth

Christelle Scifo

to dancers

Neil Tomkins

to Gaia

Byron Spencer

to the Spice Girls

Lucy Folk

to Picasso

Gabriela Hidalgo

to my idols

Rosie Dalton

to Joan Didion

Paris Mitchell Temple

to Donald Judd

Bronte Leighton-Dore

to Patti Smith

Anna-Wili Highfield

to myself