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Meet the New Faces of the ‘Intuition’ issue

Meet the New Faces of the 'Intuition' Issue

For the pages of our September 'Intuition' issue, we sat down with some of the brightest new faces in Australian fashion, and asked them about strange dreams, defining trust, songs that empower them and whether they follow their head or their heart.


Adhieu Ayuen Jongkuch (Omalo) @ Priscillas

Left: PETER DO top from KOT-J; CARTIER bracelet and rings. Right: JUNYA top from Break & Enter; CARTIER earrings and necklace.


I feel most in tune with myself when ... I feel most in tune when I focus on myself. Making time to do things I enjoy or even just getting enough rest. Making myself happy the way I’d make a beloved companion happy. A dream I remember having recently was ... Seeing myself on a billboard is something I always dream of, day and night, and I’m manifesting it until the day it becomes a reality. I’d like to do more of ... Letting go of the things I do not have control of.


Latahlia Hickling @ Chic Management

Left: MARC JACOBS jacket from Break & Enter; PASPALEY earrings. Right: MARC JACOBS jacket and JUNYA skirt from Break & Enter; CHANEL earrings and necklace.


One thing you should know about me is ... I love a late-night Maccas run. Soft-serve in a lid with extra chocolate fudge is my go-to. I would die for … A Prada bag – or ten. Trust is … Everything! But hard to find. A song or artist that empowers me is ... Whitney Houston’s song, I’m Every Woman. The lyrics in her song gives me full confidence and determination to be the woman I want to be.


Leif Sbrocchi @ IMG

Left: Stylist’s own top; TIFFANY & CO. earrings, necklace and bracelet. Right: NHOOLYWOOD top and DOLCE & GABBANA jeans from Break & Enter; TIFFANY & CO. earrings, necklace, bracelets and ring.


The one thing you should know about me ... I only like books and movies that will make me cry. I feel most passionate about ... Music, whether I’m listening to it, watching it live, or playing it myself. Trust is ... Being able to tell my friends embarrassing things hoping they won’t use it as blackmail. What do you follow more, your head or your heart? ... Probably my feet.


Gene Ma @ Kult Australia

Left: JULIUS top from KOT-J; PASPALEY necklaces. Right: Stylist’s own singlet; TIFFANY & CO. necklace.


The one thing you should know about me ... I love and connect through music. The rhythm, the melodies, the wordplay. It’s modern-day poetry. I would die for ... An opportunity to meet my future self. It’s super paradoxical I know but hey, a part of me just wants to know it all pans out. That, or a fully functioning Iron Man suit would be nice. My intuition is strong when ... I have a decent night’s sleep. I’d like to do more of ... Overseas travelling, songwriting and perhaps getting back into dance.


FASHION Kirsten Humphreys
MODELS Adhieu Ayuen Jongkuch (Omalo) @ Priscillas, Leif Sbrocchi @ IMG, Latahlia Hickling @ Chic and Gene Ma @ Kult Australia
MAKEUP Cherry Cheung @ Vivien’s Creative

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