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This is how the internet is reacting to the Netflix adaptation of ‘Persuasion’

netflix persuasion reactions

It's a ballsy move adapting any Jane Austen novel – especially the author's last. Readers are fiercely protective of her legacy and characters; especially the independent, intelligent heroines peppered throughout each novel. So, now that Carrie Cracknell's Persuasion has landed on Netflix, it appears some are surprised that the film is less BBC and more Fleabag.

Dakota Johnson leads as Anne Elliot, an Austen protagonist that errs on the older side (read: late 20s), who after falling in love with Frederick Wentworth aged 19, was persuaded to break the engagement off as he had no fortune. In the eight years since the relationship ended, Elliot is still very much in love and regrets her decision deeply. Her family has lost much of their own fortune after years of living beyond their means, and when Wentworth arrives back in town she finds that the tables have turned.

Personally, I thought it was accessible and fun. Although it appears Austen purists are not having one bar of Johnson staring down the lens and delivering quippy one-liners. The dialogue has definitely been condensed with a modern polish. And some characters are caricatured – that is the joy of comedy. So, what else has the internet said about Persuasion? Keep reading for some of the best reactions.












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