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Can you stomach Netflix’s ‘Brand New Cherry Flavour’?

It seems our thirst for horror knows no bounds and as always, it seems Netflix can sense it based on its bout of new releases. For those among us who aren't automatically sick at the sight of gore horror, Netflix's new limited series Brand New Cherry Flavour should pique your interest. Released just last Friday on the streaming giant, the series is their newest addition to an already overflowing trove of horror-related content. Set amongst the deceptively dreamy landscape of 90s Hollywood, the show plunges into the underbelly of the film industry and surfaces dripping in blood.


What is Brand New Cherry Flavour about?

As you may have gathered, the series is not the candied, benign watch its name would have you believe. Instead, it resembles what I imagine the 2020 thriller Promising Young Woman would look like if created by R.L Stine.

The show shadows Lisa Nova, played by Rosa Salazar, who is in the midst of launching her career as a director. When her short film ends up in the hands of washed-up producer, Lou Bourke, played by Eric Lange, Lisa is invited for a meeting that goes horribly wrong. Determined to get revenge on the predatory Lou, Lisa strikes a deal with Boro, a witch with a penchant for curses and drinking cat blood. Charming! A reimagining of the cat-lady.

As you can imagine, Lisa's path to vengeance is littered with blood, guts and various other severed body parts. Meanwhile, her pact with Boro proves to be a lot more demanding than she first anticipated, spoiler, she starts vomiting...cats. While the show is as light-hearted as the splatter genre gets, it does touch, however shallow, on ideas of power and fame. All of which have become ever more poignant in our post #MeToo world.

Luckily for horror fiends, you don't have to wait to watch the new series, it's streaming on Netflix now. If you're planning to feast your eyes on Brand New Cherry Flavour, the half-hour rule for eating and swimming can be applied here.

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