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‘Aftermath’ is the chilling new horror film based on true events that everyone’s talking about

One would almost think the state of the planet or the rate of our coronavirus infections weren't frightening enough, that we wouldn't be so ready for some horror content. Or maybe it's this very reason Netflix's new film Aftermath has made such an impact. Holed up in our homes, it makes sense that we turn to someone else's grim living situations to escape our own.

Aftermath features our favourite Cullen sibling, Ashley Greene as well as Shawn Ashmore. The two play the roles of Kevin and Natalie, a couple trying to mend their marriage. Kevin is a crime scene cleaner and the scene is perfectly primed for ultra-creepiness when the couple broker a deal on a house he cleans. You know, the house where a husband murders his wife and then shoots himself. As you can imagine, things begin to go downhill from here.


Is Netflix's Aftermath based on a true story?

Here's the thing, like all truly horrifying thrillers, what makes Aftermath duvet-on-in-summer scary is that it's based off a true story. It's inspired by the high profile story of Jerry Rice and Janice Ruhter. Following their move into a San Diego home, the couple became targets of stalking, harassment and  creepy instances similar to that in the film. The scene where Kevin and Natalie receive magazines they didn't sign up for? Well Jerry and Janice stopped getting mail completely. The real story is even more harrowing than the film. After Janice gave birth, she was nine months pregnant when they moved in to the house, she found that along with images of herself, her name and address were posted on a website advertising that strangers meet her for sex.


Did they ever find the real life tormentor?

In the end, the culprit was revealed to be 53-year-old woman named Kathy Rowe. Rowe also wanted to buy the San Diego property and was devastated when she missed out. She pleaded guilty to felony stalking and cited sleep deprivation plus the pressure of caring for her unwell husband and disabled daughter as what contributed to her actions.

After watching Aftermath I recommend a long, unbridled dance session afterwards. The tension you just built up in your body isn't good for anybody.

You can watch Aftermath on Netflix. And if your thirst for horror still isn't satiated after watching this, here's a list of scary films to watch now, on Halloween or whenever you feel like it.

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