Gift Guide

Your home and interiors guide to Mother’s Day gifting 2024

Pink for Mother’s Day? Groundbreaking. A Mother’s love is certainly personified by the warm and vibrant tones of a pink setting. But instead gifting flowers and heart shaped jewellery (yes the sentiment is there, but it isn’t 2009) let’s redefine pink! After all, this is your cool Mum’s gift guide for Mother’s Day this year.

Whether it’s a present for your Mum or your newly mothered best friend, I know that buying for the most important figure in our lives is a scary prospect – but fear no more, lets honour our Mother’s edgy coolness and divert her eye’s from predictable dribble we are too often sold. A gift with soul and character, practical and unique, is a requirement to win those breathy yelps of joy upon unwrapping their coveted gift.



This beautifully blush modernist rug are hand woven by master artisans and are ideal for a snug mother’s only space – they can even hang masterfully as works of art on your wall to inspire the cool mum in all of us. If this is not on your Mother’s gift wish list, I don’t know what is!


Mirror Mirror….

This seventies chic mirror could almost be dessert! A playful accessory like this pink wavy mirror adds some fairy floss fun to any space. I guarantee you any Mother will covet this gift!

Stop and Smell The Roses

This candle is part of LOEWE's Home Scents collection,  designed by the legend that is Jonathan Anderson. Scented like fresh climbing ivy, this pink hued wax candelabra will sit pretty on any terracotta or marble surface along side some freshly picked flowers from the garden or ones favourite book.




Pink Cloud

Like a pink cloud, the Hooper Chair, designed by French architect Pierre Yovanavitch, is upholstered in furry peach fabric with feet in polished bronze. I can imagine it in the corner of a well curated walk-in wardrobe or as the eye catching occasional chair every Mother needs in their living room.



Pink Waffles anyone?

The Juno towel bundle is designed by Garden and is woven from European grown flax into pink and plush 205sgm linen waffle. Ultra-soft and ultra-absorbent, not to mention a perfectly indiscreet colour of pink, an easy compromise if your share a bathroom with a pink-phobic!



Candy Crush

This fifties candy coloured wall light made of glass and brass is sculptural and feminine. This unique statement piece is designed by Pierre Yovanovitch and is so sweet is could sweeten up any space.




Silence Speaks with No Language

Artist Indivi Sutton work Silence Speaks with No Language is created using pigment powder placed on raw line. Imbued with soft pinks and moody reds, Sutton is inspired by Rudolf Steiner’s colour theory, where peach-blossom represents the living image of the soul - a soulful and soul moving gift for any mother.




Arch Angels

Staying with the seventies pink vibe, this side table looks like it could be plucked straight out of a modernist villa in Milan. Structural and pretty, classic and edgy, the arch is created by intricately balancing marble slabs on top of each other.




Rose, Jewelled and Cushioned!

Cut like a pink diamond, the Allard Ottoman is the epitome of pink chic. Designed Your cool Mum is bound to desire this foot-stool, not only as a plush pit stop to rest there feet, but as a ornamental art piece, elegant and stylish, a perfect styling accessory.




Bathe in a Secret Garden

Christine Nagel, Hermès’s perfumer, has created a perfume woven from enduring nature with its cycle of trees and flowers. Un jardin sur la Lagune is a secret garden where nature comes into its own again, and you certainly can smell it in this gorgeous bath soap from Hermès.


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