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Moncler Genius presents 4 MONCLER HYKE, offering clean utility to the modern wearer

In partnership with Moncler


It was a love of vintage workwear and utility that formed the roots of Japanese womenswear brand HYKE - the latest brand to join the ranks of the Moncler Genius alum. Standing for an understated and refined aesthetic, making the Hideaki Yoshihara and Yukiko Ode-founded brand the perfect candidate for Moncler's next Genius collaboration, 4 MONCLER HYKE.



It started with archival pieces like the 1960 Lionel Terray down coat and, uniform clothing from France that sparked the inspiration for the collection, drawn to innovation and the craftsmanship of the Moncler brand. From there, it morphed into its own creation. A love child imbued with both brands' motifs — the collection infuses HYKE's sleek, pared back silhouettes with Moncler's functional techniques. It is pure and streamlined, a reiteration of the sentiment of each brands DNA with sleek lines that are applied in navy and taupe to puffer jackets, hooded parkas, collarless coats with detachable scarves.


Here, it is seen on the new faces of Australian talent. Creatives in their own rights and faces on the rise, they embody emerging innovation clad in 4 MONCLER HYKE, from the coastline to the studio: a true homage to utility and creativity.



It is signature because it is simple, transcending trends and speaking to those who look for impact and quality, utilitarian details giving it a modern edge while remaining enduring. Womenswear blends into menswear, and just like any covet-worthy collection in the modern era, gendered codes decidedly no longer seem to matter when functionality is at the forefront. There are Teddy fleeces, layered pants, pleated skirts and dresses, and then ribbed cardigans and tabard dresses that lend themselves to the uniformity of it all. Effortless dressing never felt so concise. Built for travel, built for warmth, the 4 MONCLER HYKE collection has arrived. Shop the collection online now, and at select stores from October 5th.



PHOTOGRAPHY Bowen Arico @ Work Agency
FASHION Charlotte Agnew
Alvi Chung @ Stone Street Agency
Jade Hsu and Jeet Pavlovic @ Priscillas Agency
Oli and Tissa @ Kult Models
Joe @ IMG
Hyun Chung
BEAUTY Isabella Schimid @ Assembly Agency
HAIR Madison Voloshin @ Assembly Agency

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