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Jonathan Anderson references escapism in his latest Moncler Genius 1 JW Anderson collection


The work of Jonathan Anderson - as a designer and creative director - has always walked an intrinsic line between approachable and off-beat, a combination that when the balance is struck right, can produce visionary level work. Throughout his career, Anderson has struck this balance with precision and skill.

Honing in on craftsmanship and playfulness, Anderson's second Moncler Genius collection feels no different in this respect, paying homage to his British roots and the roots of the JW Anderson brand, the 1 Moncler JW Anderson collection takes shape in codes of adventure and exploration.


JW Anderson Moncler


"I wanted this collection to really inspire the idea of optimism and adventure. Like for the first Moncler Genius collection I looked back at the archives of JW Anderson and there was this bag we had made out of old sail fabric. I liked the stitching and the technical feel of the fabric and I thought it would work well with Moncler. The idea of sailing became this idea of adventure. Of sailing off into the horizon almost." Anderson tells RUSSH in an exclusive interview.

JW Anderson Moncler


With clear references to a seascape, models are pictured on British shores in signature Anderson blocks of colour clad in jackets, a dégradé vest, a pair of trousers and Bermuda shorts, a scape of nomadic energy.

"I was looking at a lot of different artists during lockdown in London and there was this British painter, William Nicholson, who painted seascapes through a window that gave this quality of escapism. The escapism and adventure tie back to the idea of the horizon and the sea." Anderson says.


JW Anderson Moncler


With fabrication and craftsmanship interwoven, Anderson moves in the direction of sustainability with the use of Econyl®, a regenerated nylon derived from ocean and land based waste on external fabrics.

"Sustainability is incredibly important and that’s something I keep in mind when I am working on collaborations." He says.  "I think we have a long way to go but it’s incredible to see brands like MONCLER taking concrete steps towards sustainability by creating and working with these new fabrics and techniques."


JW Anderson Moncler


With technique in mind, 1 Moncler JW Anderson collection takes it to new heights. Intricately quilted pieces take shape in long coats, cropped jackets, dresses, tops and culottes while track-soled boots ground the collection in utilitarianism. "The Moncler Genius Project and its way of creating and presenting fashion, it’s incredibly forward-thinking of Remo. And for me personally the collaboration really means being able to design and create things I was never able to before." Anderson says. "Working with puffa is incredibly complex and MONCLER are the best at working with it so it was very exciting to be able to collaborate with that expertise."


There is a certain fluidity to the collection, one that underpins the purposeful feel of the pieces, leaning into the idea of clothes made for whoever wants to wear them, in place of putting an emphasis on the binary, "It is about really being vocal about people wearing whatever they want. I hope that some people kind find pleasure or joy in this collection regardless of their gender or gender representation."

1 Moncler JW Anderson is available in Moncler boutiques, and in selective wholesale networks worldwide.

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