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Model Shenise Breslin on going with the flow and dreaming up her own skincare brand

Model Shenise Breslin knows how to go with the flow. With a career spanning London, Milan and now Sydney, being laid back is a quality that is all too important. She's a big believer in positivity and the energising power of nature. And after recently signing on with IMG Australia, we can comfortably note that this Gemini is one to watch.

On the brink of a new chapter, we caught up with Shenise. Here she shares her self-care routine, beauty non-negotiables and why 80s disco will always lift her spirits.


What’s your star sign?    

Gemini of course.

Describe what you do for a living? What does a typical day look like for you?

I work in the fashion industry and help brands to bring their artistic visions to life through imagery.

Generally every day looks a little different for me, but when I’m not working I like to keep things pretty chilled. I start my morning on the coastal walk with a matcha and my puppy Koda. After that you’ll find me either at the beach, doing pilates in the park, trying new recipes with my fiancé or being creative at home. Art has played a huge part in keeping me sane and inspired throughout lockdown.


What energises you? 

Being in nature. I grew up in rural England with lots of fields, forests and room to breath. If I'm ever In need of an energy or mood boost, I head straight to Centennial Park for a walk around the lake or even better when lockdown permits for a hike in a national park. I find it always leaves me feeling fresh and energised with a new perspective on things.


A song I can’t get out of my head is…

Any kind of fun throwback 80s disco - to keep my mood high.


Do you have any self-care rituals?

So many - but most importantly I like to listen to my body and make sure I’m taking time for myself.

Most of the time my self care routine consists of eating fresh homemade meals, drinking lots of water, doing a great workout and then getting lots of rest and recovery afterwards. Other days it’s about snuggling in bed with some dark chocolate and a good movie or two. Life is about balance.

What is the one non-negotiable in your beauty routine? 

Hands down it’s SPF. Every day. I'm currently loving the glow screen from goop!


What has been the biggest highlight of your modelling career so far?

I loved living in Milan, but a big highlight for me has been my recent signing to IMG. I'm in a really good place mentally and physically and now with the support and input from my amazing agents we’re on track to do great things!



Do you have a style icon? Who are they and why do they inspire

When I first arrived in Bondi from London my style was a lot more dressed up. Rosie Huntington Whitley was my main style icon. I love how she always looks so effortless and yet powerful and feminine at the same time.

I feel like my style has definitely evolved but I love to take her outfits as inspiration and add vintage blazers, pops of colour and lots of denim to keep it more Aussie cool!


My words to live by are... 

The grass is greener where you water it. Put your energy into the thing/s that you want the most, and always focus on the positives rather than the negatives.



Aside from modelling, is there anything else that you see yourself doing or are excited to explore? 

Yes, before I started modelling I studied derma therapy and always had the intention of starting my own skincare/wellness brand.

Skincare is something that I am extremely passionate about and I love the idea of empowering women and men around the world through glowing skin with easy to use products that are actually effective.

Covid-19 lockdowns have given me the time to start preparations and planning, but this is definitely more of a 5 year plan for me. I really look forward to learning and progressing as time goes on and to work closely with scientists to develop products that I am truly proud of. Exciting stuff!!


Talent: Shenise Breslin @ IMG Models

Styling: Georgina Kar

Beauty: Kim Pham

Photography: Kristina Yenko

Assistant: Chris Cao

Shot at Studio FF

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