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Minimal skincare works best for Sydney based model Jade Hsu

Jade Hsu

She's the new face with a bright future. Sydney based model Jade Hsu lets us inside her beauty routine and her simple outlook when it comes to beauty. When she isn't on set she's a full-time student. She takes beauty advice from her mum and her favourite product is one you most likely already own. Read her full interview here.


What is your morning beauty routine?

I keep my routine very minimal because I find that my skin doesn’t do well to too many products. I use the Cetaphil cleanser first to wash my face then I apply sunscreen. Next I brush through my hair, sometimes with a bit of dry shampoo, depending on my hair that day and that’s it. Ready to go.

What is your night beauty routine?

If I have makeup on I use the Shiseido 3 in 1 makeup remover which I love. If I don’t have makeup on I pretty follow my morning routine but minus the sunscreen and I use a face mask about twice a week, or more if my skin is feeling a bit dry. I like to switch around with different brands. Currently I’m using the Natio hydrating mask. I also use a bit of Vaseline on my lips because my lips chap easily. 

Describe what you do for a living? What does a typical day look like for you?

Most of the time I am a student. Due to the COVID restrictions I’m studying from home at the moment. Which means 1-2 hours of video conferencing with my teacher and 3 hours of trying to get the internet to work. On my downtime I like to read, play music, and watch a lot of Netflix. When a casting or a job comes up and it matches my schedule I will go, usually by bus or train which takes me around an hour depending on the location. 

What is the supermarket/ drug store/ chemist beauty product(s) that you use and love?

Cetaphil cleanser! Also the Burt’s Bees lip balms.

What is your main form of beauty body maintenance? What products do you use on your body?

I use an exfoliating body wash in the shower and apply Sorbolene moisturiser when I get out. 

How do you keep fit/ healthy? Does exercise form a large part of your routine?

I used to do a lot of sports but nowadays most of my exercise comes from walking around during the day. 

What cosmetic procedures/ professional treatments do you have as part of your beauty routine?

I don’t really get professional treatments done.

What do you do when your body needs to recover?

Take a bath, get plenty of sleep and water. 

You’re tired/ hungover/ rundown: what is your beauty hack?

Take a cold shower, it definitely works. Not for too long though, just 5-10 minutes. 

What is the one non-negotiable in your beauty routine? 

Cleansing, especially if I have makeup on. I could never sleep with makeup on.

Do you have a beauty icon? Who are they and why?

Everyone says this but, my mum. She pretty much is a skincare guru and she’s always recommending products to me. 

What is the best advice on beauty you’ve received?

‘Less is more’. 

What is the best advice on health you’ve received?

Drink water.

What is the one product you can’t live without?

Probably Vaseline. I can’t stand chapped lips.


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