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Up close and personal with Miu Miu’s AW 20 campaign

A collection of visual studies from a broad range of creative forces working across various media. Presenting Close, the Autumn Winter 20 campaign by Miu Miu.

The campaign theme for Close was designed around proximity. Several talented photographers created a series of visual statements highlighting the unique and intimate relationship they each shared with their subject.



The first creative in line was model and photographer Gigi Hadid. Having walked the runway for the AW 20 show, Hadid enjoyed the greatest access and freedom backstage with her model peers, while documenting the intimate experience of preparing a collection for the runway. Her subjects each bright, happy, comfortable and excited for the moment ahead.

The next talent to be featured is Lila Moss, daughter of the most coveted supermodel in the world. Lila was photographed at home by Nikolai von Bismarck, surrounded by the comfort of her familiar surroundings. Her mother Kate Moss added her personal touches to the collection while styling the looks with renowned British stylist and journalist Katie Grand.



Photographer Steve Mackey then shoots London model Kasper Kapica on both nostalgic film and polaroid on location in a local public park. Sweetheart floral petals lay across grass beds in an intimate nature setting.

Lastly, we venture backstage again, where photographer Liz Collins captures close-up powerful portraits of models in private moments as they prepared to walk down the runway. Faces calm, serene and ready for their time in the spotlight.



Some of the polaroid’s have also been given a hand-painted treatment by collage artist Patrick Waugh, with his signature brushstrokes evident in the textures of the paint. Distinctive hand-drawn illustrations and animations are also brought to life by Anthony Turner, Luella Bartley, Silvia Prada and Chantal Stracey. Each expressing their individual interpretations of the collection.

The end result of all these creatives working across alternating media was then assembled in collage using physical techniques of cut and paste. A nod to the intimacy of the touch of a human hand during a delicate time of social isolation and separation. A personal touch from the Miu Miu extended family.