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Introducing Gucci’s new gender fluid shopping section, Gucci MX

Gucci MX gender fluid genderless

In its latest move to embrace the present and future, Gucci has launched a new all gender shopping hub called MX.

The name is derived from the gender neutral honorific, Mx. And is part of the brand's plan to eschew the "fashion circus" and present two gender fluid collections per year.

What does gender fluid clothing look like? Well it looks like clothing, with a definite nod in the direction of wearing whatever the f*ck you want.

The Gucci MX hub features non-binary models wearing Gucci's Pre-Fall and FW 20 collections. It includes ready-to-wear, handbags and luggage, shoes and accessories. It aligns with the release of the new Jackie 1961 bag (pictured).



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In Gucci's words, "MX highlights accessories and ready-to-wear styled with an all gender focus."

"The House's collections emphasise the dissolving lines of the gender divide in the name of self expression. Playing with the constructive nature of gender, MX underlines the performative nature of what we wear, presenting masculinity and femininity as relative concepts."

Also worth a mention: the MX Project's very Gucci comic strip, featured on the hub. It follows the adventures of a group of non-binary friends - swapping clothes, getting ice-cream and expressing themselves. Even if you're only browsing, MX is rather a nice place to be.

Given Gucci's history of gender fluidity on runways and in campaigns under creative director Alessandro Michele, MX feels like a natural move. And hopefully a glimpse into the future of more brands, including those beyond the luxury sphere. Not that we need permission, but frankly, why wouldn't brands reflect the way we dress now?

Gucci's MX Project is the most recent example of the brand walking the walk on progressive change. Last month, Gucci launched its very first sustainable line - Gucci Off The Grid - with a campaign featuring Jane Fonda, King Princess and Lil Nas X. Catch a glimpse, here.