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Margot Robbie’s next toy movie will be about everyone’s favourite rage-fuelled board game, Monopoly

Margot Robbie's next toy movie will be about everyone's favourite rage-fuelled board game, Monopoly

Of all our fondest childhood memories playing with toys – building Legos, nursing BabyBorn dolls, or brushing the hair of our Barbies or Bratz – there's one set of memories in particular that stand out for all the wrong reasons. Who hasn't sat down for a civil game of Monopoly, that's ended in an upturned board and a red-faced screaming match with your sibling? Yes, it's a near-universal experience for most us, and an early-learned lesson that capitalism is an unfair game. You do not pass Go, and you do not collect $200...

Someone looking to resurrect those distant memories though is Australian actress-now-producer Margot Robbie, whose production company LuckyChap (who brought us the regaling tales of Saltburn and Barbie just last year) has apparently purchased the rights to a film about the Hasbro board game. While the news is still pretty fresh (having only broken this morning), we thought we'd round up everything we know so far about the film to be...


What is the plot?

We're not too sure what the Margot Robbie Monopoly film will look like at this stage plot-wise, but if Robbie's existing toy-based film is anything to go off of, it will be very tongue-in-cheek, with plenty of cheeky references to the infuriating elements of gameplay – like Get out of Jail Free cards, or the different game pieces (maybe the thimble will finally get the appreciation it deserves!).

There have been numerous attempts to turn Monopoly into a movie over the years – even Ridley Scott took it on briefly back in 2008, rumoured to have created a comedy around a Trump-like tycoon. In 2019, Kevin Hart was then set as lead with Tim Story directing. With many tried-and-failed plot lines, it will be interesting to see how Robbie's version will turn out.


Who is in the cast?

The word on casting is still mum, but we would love to see some of the star-specked cast of Barbie return for the film. Perhaps a Ryan Gosling-with-a-monocle moment as the game's titular host? Of course, we'd also love to see Robbie herself star in the film. But we'll keep you updated as cast lists are confirmed.


When will it be released?

With the film still in very early stage of production, it's likely that the Margot Robbie Monopoly film won't see a cinematic release for at least another year. We'd say late 2025 is our best estimate at this point.


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