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Hot girl blueprint: a compilation of Lucy Liu’s most iconic looks

lucy liu's style

A tribute to the ruler of the school. If you didn't fall in love with Lucy Liu as Charlie's Alex Munday, you weren't paying attention. The high kicks, the rock-hard muffins (we are referring to actual baked goods), the impeccable outfits, the scene with the chain. She has always been a style icon, on and off-screen, and the late 90s/early 00s was her time to shine. From baby tees to red carpet moments to remember, a vision she remained. The blueprint for hot girls everywhere with low-rise leather and a smile to break hearts, we're rounding up Lucy Liu's style and most iconic looks, below.


A mesh moment for the cover story of Detour Magazine in 1999.


Ina woven leather trench at the Hollywood premiere event for Jim Carey's 'Man on the Moon', eat your heart out Daniel Lee!


Another iconic moment at the movie premiere for the Doug Liman movie, 'Go', wearing a fur-trimmed orange suede coat.


With her mom at the 51st Primetime Emmy Awards, looking like an absolute angel.


Perfect in a red satin backless dress at the 1999 Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards.


Bringing the heat with a chocolate halter!


The low-rise leather in question.


The 90s silhouette we're all buying right now. A predicter of the future, and mapper of the blueprints.


Catapulting the bar into heaven with a sequined Versace dress at the 52nd Primetime Emmy Awards.


the shirt simply speaks for itself.


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