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The ultimate globetrotter: Louis Vuitton’s LV 200 exhibition makes it way across the globe

Louis Vuitton LV 200 exhibition

There are very few iconic pieces that can hold their own in any city. Instantly recognisable, they tell their own story – holding a different memory for each individual. A man transfixed with the art of travel, Louis Vuitton set out with this exact vision; a dream to create a staple of luxury fashion that could be spotted a mile away and last the test of time. Of course, as we know now, that vision presented itself in the form of the iconic Louis Vuitton trunk. A piece that has become the ultimate travel companion; having its very own international moment with the Louis Vuitton LV 200 exhibition.

First debuting as a celebration of Louis Vuitton's bicentennial birthday in Asinères, Paris last year, the exhibition made its way to Singapore earlier this year, finding a home perched amidst the iconic Marina Bay Sands esplanade – an instalment of the exhibition I was honoured to have experienced. Within the space, the House brought together 200 of the world's contemporary visionaries to present their own interpretation of the Louis Vuitton trunk. Spanning disciplines of art, culture, the sciences, sport, global causes and more, friends and talents of Louis Vuitton have brought their own abstract creations and dreamlike expressions to life.

Each presented with the same blank canvas – 50 x 50 x 100 centimetres, approximately the dimensions of the original trunk that Louis designed in the 1850s – creatives such as Marc Jacobs, Kim Jones, Frank Gehry, Peter Marino, Supreme and Fornasetti among many others transformed the emblematic trunk. Australian visionaries Tracy Deep, Wayne Stubbs, Ozzie Wright and Adam Goodrum of Adam&Arthur are also part of the honour roll of creatives.

Having completed its stay in Singapore, the Louis Vuitton LV 200 exhibition has now made its way to Bangkok, later moving ontoTokyo, New York and London throughout 2022. As part of the exhibition, the House has continued its philanthropic efforts, already raising €2million, thanks to the visionaries directing their entire fee to 15 charitable organisations across 13 countries – focused on uplifting young people from disadvantaged communities through creativity and the arts.

For anyone looking to get their hands on one of the incredibly crafted trunks, the creations will be put up for auction by Sotheby’s at the end of the global tour in December 2022, with all proceeds benefiting a scholarship program that aims to bridge inequality gaps.


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