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Louis Vuitton’s 2025 Cruise show delivered perpetual transformation, while steeped in opulence.

The Hypostyle Room in Antoni Gaudí's Park Güell, originally conceived as a marketplace for the estate, now serves as the backdrop for the culmination of Nicolas Ghesquière's creative endeavours — a visual spectacle that unfolded during the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2025 show. Gaudí, known for his aversion to straight lines and rigid geometries, presents a striking historical contrast to Ghesquière's structured and futuristic designs. In this grand setting, where organic, whimsical forms intersect with structured futurism, Ghesquière's penchant for defying conventions and blending genres finds its perfect complement.

In this collection, vintage 80s aesthetics collide with extraterrestrial inspirations, resulting in silhouettes and tailoring that transcend earthly bounds — a feat that Ghesquière achieves with each iteration, propelling fashion into uncharted territories. As Ghesquière celebrates a decade at Louis Vuitton, each collection becomes a bold assertion of his creative prowess and a testament to his commitment to pushing the boundaries of ready-to-wear fashion. The tradition of showcasing Louis Vuitton's Cruise collections in captivating location's endures, with the choice of Park Güell serving as yet another testament to the brand's unwavering dedication to presenting fashion in compelling places.


The collection

Gaudi's legacy is steeped in perpetual transformation, a wellspring of inspiration that Ghesquière channels into the collection with an opulent flair. Each piece within the collection undergoes its own metamorphosis, honoring the timeless traditions of the house while infusing them with neutral tones and gravity-defying silhouettes. Sculpture and structure merge seamlessly tonight, manifesting in each of the 56 looks.

The show opens with a sleek, voluminous 80s-inspired tweed-like jacket, setting a familiar tone that swiftly warps, to the feeling of through the looking-glass. Modern touches, such as metallic ankle boots and futuristic blue reflective sunglasses, inject a contemporary edge. Notably, wide-brim hats with a distinct straight cut adorn nearly every look.

Throughout, a monochromatic color palette dominates the clothing, punctuated by metallic accessories. Yet, hints of Spanish influence emerge, from flamenco-inspired polka dots to wide-brim hats, adding bursts of vibrancy to the otherwise subdued tones. This is no mere imitation but a masterful blend, offering a perfect, colorful escapade into the unexpected.

The soundtrack, weaving Gary Numan’s Music for Chameleons with Malcolm McLaren’s Madame Butterfly, further enhances the mood of transformation and otherworldliness. Bubble skirts cascade from the hips, evolving into tops and dresses, a standout of the collection was a striking one-shoulder royal blue bubble dress. Seems bubble skirts haven't left the trend scene yet, but rather are evolving.

As the parade of 56 looks draws to a close, it becomes apparent that this is a collection of continual evolution, where no two tailoring or proportions are alike — a testament to Ghesquière's mastery of craftsmanship and his embrace of the extraordinary.

Celebrity attendance

Sitting front row were Louis Vuitton's ambassadors, Phoebe Dynevor, Sophie Turner, Felix from Stray Kids. Other celebrity attendees were Shay Mitchell, Jaden Smith, Pharrel Williams, Chloe Grace Mortetz, and Naomi Osaka.

Walking the runway were notable models, Mona Tougaard, Awar Odhiang and Loli Bahia.


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