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9 bubble and balloon skirts to add to your shopping list

9 bubble and balloon skirts to add to your shopping list

Since the 1950s, bubble skirts have been a fad in fashion – with special thanks to designs from Pierre Cardin and Hubert Givenchy at the time. Its full skirt and diaphanous silhouette made it a popular choice even then for evening and cocktail wear – a trend that has extended well into 2024 now, with plenty of designers like Miu Miu and internet style influencers donning the garment paired with sleek tops and moto jackets, biker boots and sneakers.

They had their moment in the sun once again in the 1980s, and of course, made an appearance in the 2000s though the skater skirt trend. But now we're seeing them return in their full feminine glory – silkier, puffier and more voluminous than ever. Think of it like a puffer jacket for your legs... kind of.

This time around, bubble and balloon-style skirts are appearing more romantic and sophisticated – even when they're teeny tiny. Most that we're seeing so far are available in the standard neutral tones  – ivory whites and silky blacks, but with a few grey tones and greens thrown in for good measure. The great part about them is that they're flattering to all body types, and available in just about any length and size you can think of, so you can show off as much or as little of your legs as the weather calls for.

If you're wondering where to pick yourself up a bubble skirt right now, then we've got you covered with nine of our favourites that you can shop right now.


1. BELLE THE LABEL Balloon Skirt


2. NICKLAS SKOVGAARD Off-White Cassidy Midi Skirt


3. OPEN YY Black Bubble Hem Miniskirt




5. DISSH Stevie Black Bubble Mini Skirt


6. SIISTA Bella Balloon Skirt in Ivory


7. JADED LONDON Black Mini Balloon Skirt


8. MIRROR PALAIS Ruffle Tunnel White Mini Skirt


9. ARITZIA Sunday Best Bubbly Poplin Skirt


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