Callum Turner’s next project has just been announced – so here’s everything you need to know about the actor

Callum Turner: You might recognise him as Newt Scamander's younger brother in the Fantastic Beasts franchise or as Dua Lipa's purported Beau. Or you might have registered that he joins the ever-growing pantheon of big eared debonaires from Britain that have captured national interest. What can we say? Democracy has excellent taste.

With a confirmed role in Apple TV's newest sci-fi series Neuromancer, we've rustled up a what's-to-know handbook on everything Turner for when you might chance upon him on your screen or on the streets of London. It's called the Law of Attraction for a reason...



A Hometown Glory type of boy...

What is it about a London boy? There's a certain kind of English rose that collectively inspires a mouth agape type of response. Turner hails from Hammersmith, Chelsea and was born one day shy of St. Valentine's Day. (It's yet another Aquarius, time to gird your loins). After an early rise as a fashion model working in Japan, Europe and America, he decided to make a sharp divot onto the moving screen. He cites his mother for nourishing his interest and love in performing arts.

 No social media is a green flag

A man with no digital footprint is a man worthy of betrothal. You can say that again. For any updates or coveted imagery, you'd have to head to one of the many fan-run pages who are gallantly doing his PR on his behalf. Here's one we've added to our own roster.


He's got a BAFTA....

Turner's performance in the mystery series The Capture (2019) landed him a nomination for the British Academy Television Award for Best Actor. His role as Major John Egan in Masters of the Air propelled him into BAFTA territory, and his role in Fantastic Beasts activated my luteal phase when I was twenty one.


Turner has royal taste

Previously affiliated with The Crown's insouciant Princess Margaret Vanessa Kirby, Turner has now turned his sights on a different kind of Princess: A pop one. He's rumoured to have spent a lot of time with Albania's best, Dua Lipa herself. But time will tell if this deepens into a more serious rendezvous.


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