RUSSH Loves: Our favourites tote bags to covet this season

When it comes to discussing bags – one could argue that there is no bag more important than the tote. It is, after all, the modern-day briefcase, weekender, market bag, purse and everything else in between. Some may reduce the trusty tote down to the complimentary, flimsy, long handled canvas bags we're often get gifted at the checkout or branded ones you almost always find yourself walking out with at any event - but here below, you can see that your average tote actually comes in many shapes and forms. These are, in our opinion, the best tote bags money can buy.

My favourite, no matter how cliche, will always be the Longchamp in nylon, the one you see on almost every woman, mother, teacher, student, and sighted in almost every duty free shop around the world. For there is, and always will be, so much room for any long lasting, trusted classic (be it cliche) in my heart,  and now to my surprise available in a market mesh tote.

Speaking of classics, when we think of the traditional tote, we must also pay our respects to heritage brand L.L Bean as there is no one who makes one better. If you have been anywhere in the US (or the Hamptons for that matter), the classic L.L Bean tote is one that will be instantly recognisable, posted up at every beach or tent in all its tw0-tone canvas glory. Traditionally made for boating and the outdoors (and now available in the mini), if durability is what you're after, none really do it better.

So from the traditional to the not-so-traditional and most of them tried and tested, RUSSH round up some of the best in the way our beloved tote, below.


1. DRAGON DIFFUSION Santa Croce Tote Bag


2. THE ROW Park XL textured-leather tote



3. KHAITE Lotus Medium Suede Tote


4. KATE SPADE Market Medium Tote


5. MARC JACOBS The Medium Leather Tote


6. AXEL ARIGATO Grid Shopper Tote


7. BASSIKE Naghedi Nomad Hobo Bag


8. REFORMATION Small Vittoria Tote


9. COACH Field Tote 40 in Amazon Green


10. GORMAN Maggie Check Tote


11. CHRISTIAN DIOR Medium Dior Book Tote


12. L.L.BEAN Boat and Tote


13. LONGCHAMP Le Pilage Original Shoulder Tote


14. DEADLY PONIES Mr Bellboy Tote in Truffle Patent


16. MULBERRY M Zipped Tote in Black Matte

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