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Puffer jackets to lull you into a false sense of security this winter

puffer jackets

Today in Sydney it feels as though it is freezing. Upon checking the weather, I've discovered that it is actually just 15 degrees, which is about 15 degrees colder than my personal most comfortable temperature. Call me dramatic, but you'll be pressed to find a Sydneysider who isn't perpetually surprised when temps drop below 20 degrees. Melbournians? A different story entirely. In honour of the tundric winds that are sweeping the city and the general southern hemisphere temperature drops, all we want to wear is puffer jackets. In most cases, the longer the better, but we can't all be as brave as Grace Coddington, despite the comfort it may offer. For those who are in the mood to swath themselves in puffy comfort for the entirety of the season, from The North Face X Gucci's cobalt blue vest that I've been coveting since its release, to floor length Prada duvet-style iterations, below are our favourite puffer jackets of the season to shop in for winter.

Prada Light Polyester Hooded Puffer Coat

puffer jackets


Miu Miu Hooded Cashmere Down Jacket


Balenciaga Curved Hem Quilted Shell Jacket

puffer jackets


The North Face X Gucci Down Vest


Moncler Grey Aloby Short Down Jacket


Bottega Veneta Puffer


Acne Sutdios Belted Padded Coat

puffer jackets


Burberry Logo Applique Cropped Puffer Jacket


Kathmandu Bio Down Puffer Jacket


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