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Cold comfort: 6 winter fashion trends we’re slipping into this season

winter fashion trends

I swear it was only yesterday that we were throwing on flimsy dresses and prancing around the streets in nothing but our silly little summer outfits. How times have changed. We can no longer delay the inevitable, winter is well and truly here. So bust out the layers, and – and what else? The good thing about living in the southern hemisphere is we get to watch those up north venture out, experiment and a season later, we get to learn from their mistakes.

Like most years, there are some winter trends that will forever stand the test of time, while other pieces are simply too good to ignore. Below, the winter fashion trends we're dabbling in for 2023.


1. Balletcore

winter fashion trends

Image credit: @sandyliang; @jardnassac


This trend is hardly new, but it does offer endless routes to stay warm and comfy this winter while looking impossibly cute. Stockings, leg warmers, the season's best-selling It shoe: the ballet flat, and Miu Miu SS23 style layers, what's not to love? Think Centre Stage ballerina on her way to the studio. We're crushing hard.


2. The humble cardigan

Image credit: Miu Miu SS23; @rubipigeon


When winter comes along it's inevitable that we get serious about layers. Last year we saw sweater vests do the rounds, this year we predict it to be all about the simple button up cardigan. Comme des Garçons Play is a no-brainer entry point. There's also something about the flattering fit of the cardigans from Extreme Cashmere that sets the mind at ease.


3. Exposed stockings

Image credit: @taylorescarabelli; @alwaysjudging; @gucci


With the emphasis on mini skirts and midi skirts, you have to find some ways to keep your pins warm. This is where stockings come in. Although English folk have been pulling these on since (United) Kingdom come, for most Australians they're a reminder of school, dance performances and not much else. But stockings can be fun! And colourful! And another way to add layers and dimension to an outfit, as we saw at Gucci FW23. Throw on some kitten heels or pointy mules and voila!


4. Track jackets

Image credit: @himichelleli; @d.3b4; @accidentalinfluencer


Track jackets have been trending ever since blokecore went mainstream. The favourite of course is anything with the adidas three stripe, and Wales Bonner and Gucci have teamed up with the sportswear brand on a handful of styles we can't forgo. But in the interest of a circular economy, you can also find your flavour of track jacket on secondhand platforms like Depop, Etsy, Vestiaire and eBay easy enough. Plus, it's kind of a relief whenever sportswear takes hold, as it means comfort first.


5. Calf-length boots

winter fashion trends


Knee-high boots have dominated the past few winters, but as the cooler weather rolls in we're speculating that we'll be trading in riding boots for calf height styles. Naturally, this is open to interpretation and we're witnessing the slouchy, noughties inspired shapes just as much as we're seeing a pivot to boxing and cowboy boots. Wear with long socks and stockings, or maybe consider tucking your trousers in like a fashion-forward pirate? Too soon? No problem.


6. Capri pants

winter fashion trends


If it's good enough for Carrie Bradshaw it's certainly good enough for us. Despite what the name suggests, we're looking to the much-maligned capri pant as a transeasonal piece to carry us from autumn to winter. We have the sneaking suspicion we'll be wearing them well into winter anyway, considering Australia's winters are much more tolerable than they are up north. As for how to secure a pair? Paloma Wool are dishing up a style we're fond of, as is Italian label Cormio.

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