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20 Instagram accounts to follow that nail the art of street style

Although traditionally, we look to the streets of Paris and Milan Fashion Week for the ultimate sartorial lesson in the art of 'street style,' the past few years has meant that we are leaning on more virtual sources of inspiration. Thankfully, the realms of Instagram street style know no bounds, connecting us with some of the most stylish accounts across the globe.

Those who have become masters of the 'grassroots' approach to styling blend the worlds of high-fashion and cultural phenomenon to create a fashion blueprint that is uniquely theirs, enviably effortless and unapologetically cool. Their Instagram feeds as eye-catching as their wardrobes, we long for any opportunity to embody these sartorial mavens.

Below, we're sharing the street style Instagram accounts we return to time and time again for unparalleled inspiration.


1. @Monikh


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A post shared by Monikh (@monikh)

For those who prefer relaxed, classic silhouettes and colour palettes, look no further than London's Monikh. Armed with a collection of dreamy dresses and perfectly tailored coats and blazers, her practical approach to street style dressing makes for the perfect foundation to any wardrobe.


2. @double3xposure


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A post shared by Reese Blutstein (@double3xposure)

Reese and her sister Molly have been social media fashion fixtures for years, and have some of the coolest street cred in the game. Unafraid to mix masculine and feminine pieces, or don a look straight from the runway to brunch, they're the ultimate in bringing high fashion to the streets.


3. @alexachung 


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A post shared by Alexa Chung (@alexachung)

What kind of street style round up would this be if we didn't include the reigning monarch of street style, our indie sleaze queen Alexa Chung. Chung's IG presence is akin to a mood board, an intimate smattering of her own wardrobe intermixed with some of her fashionable friends and icons that inspire her style – from Jane Birkin to Patti Smith.


4. @lucywilliams02


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A post shared by Lucy Williams (@lucywilliams02)

Lucy Williams is a master of British comfort dressing, mixed with the perfect dash of Euro summer sensibilities. She's a fashion assistant whose good taste also extends to interiors, having recently completed a most-enviable home renovation.


5. @matildadjerf


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A post shared by MATILDA DJERF (@matildadjerf)

Matilda Djerf is certainly a newcomer on our radar of street style mavens, but since we discovered her style, we haven't looked back. Based in Paris, her approach to fashion is certainly more playful – think ruffled sleeves, a touch of hot pink and the most eye-catching accessories. In fact, her street style is so covetable, she founded her own fashion label, Djerf Avenue, so now, we can all dress like her!


6. @lefevrediary

It's no secret that models have the street style situation down-pat in 2021. Amy Julliette Lefévre plays this field particularly well; her moody, sophisticated approach perfect for the street and the office. The tailored short; the Prada loafer. Heaven.


7. @camillecharriere


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A post shared by @camillecharriere

Camille Charriere is really the whole package. Not only does she know how to do glam really, really well, but she knocks street style out of the park too. She's the kind of girl that could be out on the street in her pyjamas and still look chic. Her wardrobe is loaded with all the hallmarks of great street style; timeless cashmere jumpers, a great selection of denim and endless button downs. No matter what she has on, she always manages to bring an air of flirtatiousness to every outfit, which we love.


8. @stephaniebroek


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A post shared by Stephanie Broek (@stephaniebroek)

There are few people who can inspire us to wear a denim bustier, and Stephanie Broek happens to be one of them. While her style is for the most part, refined and tonal, the way she incorporates more daring pieces to achieve the street style aesthetic encourages us to be more adventurous with our sartorial choices.


9. @greceghanem


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A post shared by Grece Ghanem (@greceghanem)

Ageless styling and an unbeatable collection of covetable Bottega Veneta pieces, it's impossible not to fawn over Grece Ghanem. Please wrap us in this trench coat.


10. @aminamuaddi

Being one of the most coveted shoe designers and a street style master go hand in hand, especially when you happen to be Amina Muaddi. A slightly different approach to the minimalist styling courtesy of some of our favourite Scandinavian trendsetters; Muaddi's street style is for those who want to make life their runway. Almost always in heels (her own creations of course), Muaddi is the blueprint for adventurous street style.


11. @naras._


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A post shared by Nara Kim (@naras._)

A scroll through artist and stylist Cheri's Instagram feed is always a necessary reminder to be more experimental with our street style ensembles. Uniquely tailored pieces, vibrant colour combinations and an icy blonde pixie cut to match – she has the street style formula down to a T.


12. @mvb


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A post shared by Marie von Behrens-Felipe (@mvb)

Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy meets Princess Diana aesthetic in the form of Marie Von Behrens. Expert layering, covetable knitwear and a jaw-dropping LBD sprinkled here and there.


13. @amaliemoosgaard

Based in Copenhagen, Amelie Moosgaard's IG account is a Scandi-inspired mood board for all things fashion and design. Her street style, although fairly minimal, is extremely approachable and practical – which is probably one of the reasons why her account is so successful. She also runs a jewellery label LIÉ Studio.


14. @venswifestyle


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A post shared by Renia Jaz (@venswifestyle)

An unquestionable sense of confidence oozes from Newcastle-based Renia Jaz, the woman behind @venswifestyle. Always across the latest sartorial trends and wearing them in her own way, she reminds us that the key to nailing street style dressing starts with playing to our strengths.


15. @parisiansinparis

Even though Parisians in Paris doesn't focus on one particular street style maven, what could be more valuable than following an account that shares the best style spotting's from the world's most fashionable city? No matter what, we will always come back to the french for lessons in street style, so if you're wanting to elevate your everyday wardrobe, following this account is a must.


16. @punctually_late

Diana Bartlett is a Chinese-American photographer and creative who is based between New York and Paris. Follow her for the perfect busted Birkins, effortless and classic outfit inspiration, and beautiful photography.


17. @anaasaber


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A post shared by ANAA (@anaasaber)

Anaa Saber is an independent creative consultant, brand strategist, stylist and influencer based in New York City. For outfit inspiration that feels both trend-driven and slightly off-beat, she's your go-to.


18. @christietyler


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A post shared by Christie Tyler (@christietyler)

For classic, understated, and impeccable style, look no further than Christie Tyler, formerly known as 'NYCBambi', who built her creative career around a love for simple silhouettes and a neutral palette.


19. @melissabon


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A post shared by Melissa Bon (@melissabon)

Effortlessly cool outfits are offered up through Franco-Swiss singer-songwriter and model Melissa Bon. This Geneva native who lives in Paris expertly mixes street style sensibilities with luxury silhouettes.


20. @jessswill


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A post shared by Jessica Willis (@jessswill)

Jessica Willis is a stylist and the fashion director at The Cut. For perfectly put together street style imagery of her making her way around the fashion week circuit, look no further.


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