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The best white t-shirt according to the RUSSH editors

Finding the perfect white t-shirt is a quest. And not just because no one particular piece fits everyone in the same way. There's style, drape, fabric and many other factors that define what makes a t-shirt 'just right'.

To help you in your pursuit for the ultimate white tee, the RUSSH Editors are sharing their forever favourites. These are the treasured pieces loved by our team, and the ones you might consider for yourself.


Jess Blanch

Editor In Chief

The best I ever had was a Daniel Johnston ‘Hi how are you?” tee that I was given during London Fashion Week in 2013 and had promptly lost by the close of Paris Fashion Week only 3 weeks later.

In its absence it will remain perfect; the boxy arm, a high crew neck and cotton jersey soft enough to tuck in without even knowing it was there.

Since then only a few have come close in terms of fit and lately they include Wardrobe’s Release 5 cotton jersey tee, Loewe’s drop hem t-shirt which is perfect for a semi tuck, and Saint Laurent’s Essentials called an essential for a reason.


Gabriela Hidalgo

Brand & Art Director

For me, the measure of perfection in an item of clothing can be determined by whether it is versatile enough to be worn to the office and to bed, the name BONDS is the first to come to mind.  Like most people, I was first introduced to the brand with the classic ‘Chestie’ - a timeless wardrobe staple that made many appearances throughout my tweens to now, spanning across day/beach/gym/evening-wear and everything in between. Almost 20 years on, the chestie is still going strong with a new addition to the repertoire - the classic (perfect) tee. It’s the perfect fabric, length, boxiness and opacity. All the boxes ticked.


Elle Presbury

Market & Beauty Director

Finding the perfect white t-shirt is a never ending quest. The Olsen twins built an entire brand around the quest to perfect this seemingly simple garment. I have many white t-shirts, the trusty Uniqlo staple, the ones with a logo print that hooked me somehow or a vintage find passed to me via my sister, her friend and his dad. But (currently) my favourite would be a plain white Rag & Bone t-shirt. Aptly named The Tee the cut just works. Crew neck (always), capped sleeves, a normal length and neither boxy nor slim fit. For everyday wear.


Megan Nolan

Digital Operations Manager

Whilst technically listed as “off-white” this knit St Agni t-shirt is by far the most versatile addition to my white t-shirt collection. I’m usually a huge fan of shopping in the men’s section when it comes to t-shirts as I love a higher neckline and am also a huge fan of the longer sleeves. This tee solves both these problems. The knit texture is slightly see through which means that I can wear a black undergarment and glam it up or something neutral and pull off a very casual summer beach vibe.


Natalie Petrevski

Fashion Editor

I hate to say that my favourite white t-shirt is a vintage edition stolen from my mum - I understand this helps no one. But alas, I of course don’t just own one style. A white tee is a staple and having a small rotation is ideal so I don’t wear and wash the same one too many times. Enter Bassike’s Slim Fit Classic T-shirt. An easy light-weight fit made with 100% organic cotton jersey, complete with a vintage neckline and signature contrast topstitch detail on the back. An Aussie made classic.


Ella Jane

Production Coordinator

My perfect white t-shirt rhetoric always exists in the oversized, comfortable, looks like you don’t own it but do realm, which is why this James Pearse men’s Clear Jersey Crew T-shirt is always a winner for me. Made from the softest cotton with a perfect vintage stole-it-from-someone feel, this guy is worth the price tag simply because you will wear it until it falls to pieces.


Mia Steiber

Digital Content Director

I have a very exaggerated hourglass figure, and unfortunately boxy styles are not even slightly flattering on me. This makes finding the perfect white tee a real challenge. I have two that I adore. They've been with me for longer than I care to admit. One is a draped Topshop piece with a gentle scoop neck and small sleeves. The fabric is a heavier jersey, so it falls on me in a slightly more flattering fashion than a light cotton iteration would. I refuse to throw it away. I’ve repaired more than a few holes in it before. But I’ll never find anything like it again, so I can’t just toss it. The second one I treasure is a semi-sheer tee from Neuw Denim. It’s tapered at the waist ever so slightly, while still being relatively loose. It’s very flattering and gives the illusion of wearing something boxy without distorting my figure.

But in the interest of full transparency, my absolute favourite white t-shirt is from Supre. The more nuanced variety of sizes from XXXS to XL means that I can find something that fits just right. I have a white crewneck tee I bought here a few years ago. I wear it sparingly so as to preserve it. It’s relaxed but shaped to my frame. It’s got flattering cap sleeves. It’s neither too long or too short. It’s perfect.



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