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A life well lived: Jennifer Lawrence’s favourite timepiece is a celebration of dynamic spirited women

There is a certain charm to the unspoken; a mystique and intrigue that lures us in, seducing us with just a feeling, a knowing. Like an aura, it envelopes us – changing our mood, shifting our perspective as we chase and long for an energy we're not ever sure we'll reach. Elegance holds this same magic. You can feel it when you enter a room; like a beacon, it draws you closer to the source, and though you can't quite touch it, it's a feeling so overwhelming, it swallows you whole.

It's a sentiment luxury Swiss watchmaker, Longines, understands innately. A master of horology and a true artist in the execution of timeless, 'quiet' luxury, the Maison has elegance down to a fine art. So intimate is the relationship between Longines and this approach to creativity, that it imbues the watchmaker's every decision, all the way down to the finest details. It is only fitting then, that the Maison's guiding principle is "Elegance is an Attitude". A commitment that goes beyond the frontier of a well-crafted slogan, it's a message that encourages the deepest form of self expression – a liberty to break away from traditional aesthetic codes and make way for the multitudes of our individual personalities.

"I think that the definition is perfectly written in the slogan. For me, "Elegance is an Attitude" is the perfect combination of inner and outer elegance," shared Longines CEO Matthias Breschan.

Since its inception in 1832, Longines has been devoted to these pillars, and the Maison's latest addition to its long history of exceptional timepieces is no exception. Contemporary, dynamic but equally discreet, the new Longines' Mini DolceVita is the embodiment of a life well lived; and truthfully, what is more reflective of elegance than the unbridled enjoyment of life's simplest pleasures?

"It perfectly embodies the Mini DolceVita woman. The collection is a powerful expression of quiet luxury and contemporary elegance... these watches are not only built on a rich heritage, they are also contemporary models for dynamic, spirited women," Breschan continues.

It's an approach that is easier said than done. In a world that seems to be run off its feet, it often feels as though time is against us, an enemy to our schedules that prevents us from truly living in the moment. As if to challenge this notion, Longines transported us to the city that never sleeps, to celebrate the unveiling of the new 11-model collection alongside ambassador and face of the Mini DolceVita, Jennifer Lawrence, during an elaborate New York party inside Gotham Hall.

Part of the Longines family since 2022, Lawrence is a true reflection of the watchmaker's values of tradition and elegance. A natural synergy, the actor shared she has always been drawn to Longines' simplistic, sleek, understated and elegant aesthetic. "It's such a historically rich company, and I've always felt that a Longines piece evolves with time, rather than being defined by it," shared Lawrence.

Committed to continuity, the Mini DolceVita is the latest iteration in a collection that was first launched in 1997; shortly followed by the introduction of "Elegance is an Attitude" in 1999, which has now become synonymous with the DolceVita collection. A celebration of Longines' pioneering design ingenuity, one of the watch's most distinguishable features is its rectangular face – a design feature that the watchmaker first began creating and marketing with back in the 1910s.

"Longines has a very long history with rectangular watches, one that thanks to our records system, dates back to well before the design approach became popular in the art deco period of the 20s and 30s," explained Breschan.

"When you look at the Mini DolceVita, or even the DolceVita collections that have come before it, you can see many similarities between the design and construction and the architecture of many of the buildings here in New York City that were built in the 20s and 30s."

"Looking around the city, you'll see this unique combination of straight lines, paired with more rounded shapes and fixtures and of course the iconic brick façades. The pieces in this collection follow a similar structure – the signature rectangular dial, with an inner circle and the brick-like pattern seen on the steel bracelet."

In many ways, the Mini DolceVita is a reflection of the world around us – perhaps, a hidden reminder to be more present? Expertly blurring the lines between timepiece and fine jewellery, Longines have created an expertly crafted curation that feels almost like a second skin in its wearability.

"I think what I love about watches in general is their ability to function as a jewellery piece," shared Lawrence. "Just the simplicity of I'm not trying too hard, not taking too long... I've always seen that as the marker of an elegant woman, that effortless beauty."

An organic continuation of our affinity towards more discreet creations, the Mini DolceVita nestles perfectly within the dip of the wrist, complemented by a reduced profile and pure, softened lines. A case framed by 38 IF-VVS Top Wesselton diamonds, (in addition to a more subtle line without), and with an array of four striking coloured bands to choose from, it's difficult to find a timepiece that champions expression and elegance with the same passion.

"Today, nobody is buying a watch for accuracy or to tell the time," reflects Breschan.

"You are buying a mechanical watch because you have formed an emotional connection to it. It becomes part of your identity, or can express your personality or connection to a universe in a way that other pieces can't."

You can explore the full Longines Mini DolceVita collection online or in store, now.


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