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Sign us up for whatever cinematic playground Lil Nas X is planning on releasing for his debut album

Lil Nas X Montero: The Album

It's Lil Nas X's world, and we're all just living in it. This could not be more of a reality for us following his Xtremely sexy BET Awards performance earlier this week, and his hilarious and affirming tweets posted in response to the homophobic backlash he received following the performance. Today, he has woken up and chosen absolute chaos by releasing a 53 second video via Twitter announcing that his long-anticipated debut album, Montero: The Album, will be with us soon.

The clip in question is a cinematic dreamscape, with heavy nods to a Marvel trailer. Apt, considering he is our modern day super hero. In the clip, lyrics flash by with previous collaborators and characters in the Lil Nas X universe appearing on screen. There’s the angel from the Call Me By Your Name music video, alongside the horny devil, there’s pole dancing Lil Nas X, and Billy Ray Cyrus in a car wearing a pink Western shirt and white cowboy hat. Chris Rock is, of course (?) there too. Tony Stark could never!

As the cherry on top of the fervent video, a 20-second teaser of his upcoming single, Industry Baby, was self-leaked, brass instruments and all. It all concludes with a Montero: The Album logo (another Marvel nod) and us, overrun by excitement. Give us a sign, Nas! When will we be privvy to this masterpiece?

While we wait for a shred more information on the forthcoming album, watch the teaser below, and enjoy some class act Lil Nas X's roasts and commentary on his latest performance.






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