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Levi’s is launching a denim buy-back program, purchasing your old jeans


In some fun, eco-forward news, Levi's is encouraging its customers to lean on the old in the interest of the new.

The brand has announced it's launching a buy-back program, where they are offering to purchase old Levi's from customers in exchange for a gift card to go towards a new purchase.

At participating stores across the United States, customers will be able to sell their old jeans as part of a sustainability-forward program which offers $15 to $25 USD vouchers for products that can be resold, $30 to $35 USD vouchers for the brand’s vintage denim, and if products that are brought in are in too poor condition to sell, Levi's will offer a $5 USD gift card. These jeans will go on to take on a new iteration in Levi's upcycle program, where products will be repaired, restored, or reinvented into a sustainable capsule.

The brand is launching a sustainable capsule range of accessories and clothing constructed from Levi’s archive of faulty or aforementioned returned products. Titled “Levi’s By Levi’s” the collection will offer a range of  bags, jackets, and embroidered jeans and will be available exclusively at Levi’s Haus London, a Levi's concept store which will offer in-house tailors to repair and rework old Levi’s items brought in by the buy-back program.

As for the items in re-sell condition, these will take on a new life as part of Levi's SecondHand marketplace, where vintage and secondhand Levi's will be available to purchase from between $30-$100.

When it comes to shopping for secondhand Levi's, we've all been bested trying to find the perfect pair. Some never do, some only come across them once in a while, others opt to leave the whole affair entirely alone and buy new. With this initiative, we have hopes that it might provide customers with a greater chance of finding their forever fit, and encourage shoppers to opt for a more sustainable way of consuming. Chief Marketing Officer Jennifer Say states, “Buying a used pair of Levi’s through SecondHand saves approximately 80 per cent of the CO2 emissions and 700 grams of waste compared to buying a new pair of Levi’s,”, now if that perfect, worn-in look and painted on fit isn't enough to sway you, hopefully, this will.


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Image credit: Levis