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Inside Chanel: A look at Gabrielle Chanel’s love of books

Chapter 30 of Inside Chanel is coming soon. To herald its imminent arrival, Chanel has released a short teaser trailer of what we can expect in the episode.

This particular edition of the series looks into Gabrielle Chanel's love affair with literature. The written word occupied a special place in her realm. It offered far more than entertainment. It was an instrument of redress, and of escape.

Watch the episode below.


Inside Chanel is a series of short films that encompass themes surrounding the life of Gabrielle Chanel and enriching topics significant to history and heritage of the House. Gabrielle Chanel also known as Coco Chanel, was the businesswoman, designer and founder Chanel.

The last few chapters of this series place focus on Gabrielle Chanel’s involvement and contribution in arts, cinema and dance.

Chanel offers an overview of Chapter 30 of this intimate series:

"If Gabrielle Chanel was particularly attuned to how modern artistic practices were developing during time, literature for its part occupied a very special place in her cultural realm. And for Chanel, who confided in her friend Paul Morand that she grew up, lived and spent her last years largely alone1 , literature was much more than just mere entertainment. She needed to read! An inner necessity that originated in childhood and that allowed her to escape the pain of the premature death of a mother, and the abandonment by a father, whom she would never see again.

"On the threshold of adolescence, the company of books had become an instrument of redress, and of escape. Gabrielle Chanel dreamt herself up while reading, fantasising the youth she was deprived of, and fleeing the reality of her condition. The catalogs, books and serial novels she collected formed a school of life. An education, which she offered herself as an autodidact, and which would soon help determine her character, her temperament and her relationship to others and to the world."

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