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Kitchen Warehouse is speaking our love language with its Le Creuset collection

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At this point, is anyone interested in pieces that come without a lifetime guarantee? We're eschewing the fast for the slow, and leaning into products that can be handed down through generations in the hope that the planet can follow suit. Of course, this applies to the kitchen too. Where some are concerned with sourcing a timeless winter coat, others are invested in cookware that stands the test of time. And no one does quality like Le Creuset (they've been doing it since 1925, after all).

If you've inherited your casserole dish, then lucky you. The rest of us must start from scratch, seeking our enamelled pots and kitchen tchotchkes from purveyors like Kitchen Warehouse where the Le Creuset selection is comprehensive; offering cast iron frying pans, cast iron grillits perfect for searing, stoneware salt mills, egg cups — the whole shebang really. Although, if we're to glean anything from TikTok's obsession with the French cookware label in the early throes of the pandemic, it's that some of you have already kitted your kitchens out in France's finest. Benches are lined with cerise oval casseroles, coastal blue ramekins and the always classic volcanic-coloured centrepiece, all colourways you can find at Kitchen Warehouse. However, since its release I've personally found myself eyeing off the bamboo green hue, which I'm certain will be in a calming presence in my own manic kitchen.

For those who fantasise about little else than packing up shop, starting a hobby farm and living out your wildest cottagecore dreams, then Le Creuset is basically a prerequisite. A whirl in the oven or over the stove (if it's of the cast iron variety) will show you why. It's pure joy braising in a signature cast iron Le Creuset casserole dish, and simple tasks like melting butter or warming milk are made all the more pleasurable. But as satisfying as it is to see a complete set of Le Creuset pots arranged like a pulled-apart Matryoshka doll, one will do just the trick.

Get to know Le Creuset at Kitchen Warehouse, where you'll find signature styles including the most up-to-date colourways like bamboo green, cerise, meringue, and marseille blue. Happy cooking!

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