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What exactly is Cottagecore?


You may have seen it on Instagram. People are talking about it on Twitter. And if you use Tik Tok, you almost definitely know it. Cottagecore. It's the new (to some) and totally wholesome trend sweeping social media.

I for one am absolutely here for it. But what exactly is cottagecore for the unacquainted?

Cottagecore is a trend centred around a dream of a quiet, idyllic life in the country-side. Think a cosy, roaring fire, homemade jam, freshly-baked tarts, hand-knitted sweaters and fields of daisies. That's cottagecore. It's less material and more a feeling. It's a style, it's a mood, it's a decor aesthetic, it's a hobby theme - it's a lifestyle.


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And these ideas and feelings have given rise to some of the most wholesome content you'll find on the Internet. Search "cottagecore" on Instagram or Tik Tok and you'll see exactly what I mean. You'll find images of delicate, frilly dresses, how-to videos on making rose tea and wide shots of magical, rolling hills.

I first became acquainted with this trend after watching a lovely video on how to make violet syrup. A young woman enters her garden to pick a bunch of violets, she places them delicately into a woven basket and carries them inside. Covering with hot water, she leaves them overnight. The next day, she adds sugar, lemon juice and boils. What's left is a wonderful, delicately purple-coloured syrup contained in a mason jar. Watch it below.

@feminist_fataleLet’s make sweet violet syrup! ##cottagecore##fairycore##sapphic##wlw##femmelesbian##lesbian##lgbt##foryou##fyp##foryoupage##pinup##violetsyrup##violets##1950s♬ La vie en rose - Michele Garruti

Amid all the noise and hate on social media, this video was wonderful reprieve. Beautiful, calming and so enticing that I wished I was able to dive out of my reality into that quieter and more tranquil one. It's escapism at its finest.

Cottagecore is often a haven for members of the LGBTQI+ community. If you look closely, you'll notice many cottagecore posts are also hashtagged with #wlw which is short for "woman loving woman". Although I'm sure the adoption of cottagecore in this community is far more nuanced than I will understand, some rationales are clear. Cottagecore offers a quiet, safe space that is mostly free from the male gaze, judgement and agenda. It's a space that anyone can safely enjoy.


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Some within the cottagecore community have changed their entire lives, moving out to a farm and slowing down. Others will simply relish in the opportunity to get creative in their spare time, experimenting with making candied fruit or hand-sewn books as a means to relax.


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It's a dream of greener pastures, an inclusive world and a view into the joys of reconnecting with nature. I personally cannot get enough of the handmade scrapbooks and pictures of flowery fields. I search for cottagecore content almost every night before I go to sleep. I find it soothing.

In essence, this is a world of wonder, and I urge you to come and bathe in the warmth that is the realm of cottagecore. You'll love it.

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