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BAINA collaborates with skincare brand LESSE on a coastal hued towel

baina lesse towel

Antipodean towel brand BAINA has partnered with organic skincare label LESSE to craft a limited-edition towel in LESSE’s signature coastal colourway. The Bethell Bath towel is intended to be an homage to self-care rituals at home and in nature.

BAINA’s 100 per cent organic cotton towel is reimagined in a combination of mist and salt colouring, intentionally designed to sit quietly in bathroom space. The tranquil colourways are accented by salt stripe detailing, making for a calming accompaniment to bathing.

The BAINA x LESSE partnership stems from a mutual appreciation for elevated yet minimal design archetypes, use of organic and considered materials and an inherent connection to Australia. Neada Deters, founder of LESSE and Anna Fahey and Bailey Meredith, founders of BAINA, connected during the lockdown periods of 2020-21 and the genesis of a co-branded piece was found, now coming to fruition with the Bethell Bath Towel.

baina lesse towel

Deters said the inherent connection to nature – part of growing up in Australia and New Zealand – climates in the partnership with BAINA.

"That is evident in our unique philosophy and approach to ingredients here at LESSE; and epitomised in this partnership with BAINA, from the design to materials," explained Deters in a statement.

BAINA co-founder Fahey added that, "Our Bethell Bath Towel has been a firm favourite among our customers. The application of the LESSE colour palette of mist and salt has translated simply and feels very intentional."

The piece is a culmination of both brands’ shared ethos of connecting with self while maintaining a quite space in the hustle and bustle of life. It symbolises a moment of respite, of peace amongst the chaos. A moment to take for yourself and breathe.

LESSE’s approach to skincare is uncompromising, focused on quality and consciously crafted products made with intent. From growing their own ingredients to employing innovative and eco-friendly packaging, the brand blends high performance botanicals with practices designed to nourish the Earth and our skin.

You can shop the BAINA x LESSE towel today.

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