Your June horoscopes have arrived: Find out what’s in store for the month ahead

june horoscopes 2023

This is a lowkey month for transits–no major planetary shifts, no eclipses. Basically, smooth sailing. We start June in Gemini, our mutable air sign. Its keywords: fun, flirty, fickle. The Twins should have us feeling more social and chatty than usual: also more curious about the world around us–even if this curiosity is short-lived (Gemini is known to have a cat-like attention span). On the Solstice (June 21st), we reach the year’s tipping point, as the days start to get longer (or shorter) depending on where you’re reading this from. As always, the Solstice corresponds to the beginning of caring Cancer season, the most emotional of signs, ruled by the moody Moon. If Gemini’s essence is “flirt,” Cancer’s might be “hurt,” meaning it’s extra sensitive to this harsh world. With this in mind, think about organising the month as follows: the first part (Gem) will likely feel more outgoing, social, flirtatious. The second part (Cancer): more inward, emotional, homeward bound.


In honour of Gemini's birthday season, we offer you a bit of an extended horoscope for June and beyond. Until the 21st, the Sun transits your Ego zone, where it will be joined by your ruling planet Mercury (communication) on June 11th. To sweeten matters: lovely Venus will be making a lengthy cameo in the Communication sector of your chart from June 5th until October 8th. Clearly, the Stars are inviting you to focus on self-expression. With the prolonged stay of Venus in your Comms zone, think of this transit as a great opportunity to put love and commitment into longer projects having to do with PR, social media, public speaking, finishing a chapter for a dissertation, or learning a language about a culture you love. The ways one can express oneself, of course, are endless, but this current concentration of energy around forms of speech is saying: find self-validation through the power of the word.


The Sun transits your inward zone of the Unconscious until the Solstice, when your season begins in full splendour. The placement might have you feeling extra emotional the first few weeks of June. This needn’t be a bad thing. The ultimate lesson about solar transits through this part of the chart: go inward and let go. Your Crab claw likes to hold onto things. Instead, use this transit to release a secret, a lie, a grudge, a punishing attitude toward a friend, or an enemy. On the Solstice, the Sun shifts into your Selfhood zone to start Cancer season (good news). Emerge into the light of this season with your pincers free, so you can better partake of your vegan birthday cake. And, of course, mark the following two dates. First, your ruling planet, the Moon, goes full in questing Sagittarius on June 5th: this is a night for adventure with friends. Second, the Moon is new on the 18th in Gemini (heightened speech). Reach out to someone on this date to settle old beefs.


On June 5th, Venus enters into your sign for an abnormally long four months. The soundtrack for this great transit: “I Wanna Be Adored” by the Stone Roses. While it’s true that you always want to be adored (that’s your Leo-essence), such adoration is usually sought by you from others, as you strut about town in Dior slingback-pumps. But with Venus in your Selfhood zone, the advice is to turn away from the gaze of the world out there and focus on adoring yourself instead, friend. That doesn’t mean: be narcissistic and vain. No, no. The Cosmos is too wise for that. Venus here is inviting you to work on developing the true value of self-worth. Sing “I Wanna Be Adored,” but sing it to yourself. Take pride in your voice, regardless of who’s listening–or looking.


Your theme this month: vocation, calling. Until the 21st, the chatty Gemini Sun activates your Career zone, where it will be joined by speedster Mercury (communication), your ruling planet, on June 11th. All of this action in this part of your chart betokens a moment to speak up at your job, either by volunteering for a new project or seeking a lateral move to gain skills in a different department. Mercury+Sun+Gemini: get noticed. Also consider that with the Twins in the picture for the first few weeks of June, you might consider partnering up with someone to make faster progress toward a deadline. The social energy of Gemini could be beneficial for you around now. Last but not least, you have a Gemini New Moon transiting your House of Career on June 18th. This is an expressive lunation, so work with its energy by writing out your goals for the next few months. Words have power for you now.


Big transit alert, Libra. Your ruler, Venus, moves into your Friendship zone for four months, starting June 5th. Whenever we have extended transits like this (usually Venus spends a few weeks per sign), the Stars are asking us to pay extra attention to whichever part of the chart a planet activates. The Friendship sector of a chart deals not only with our crew but also social networking. With Venus (love, beauty, desire) passing through here, think how you can show friends, colleagues, support staff, or boss more love and kindness. Venusian affection can function outside of romance. It comes in many forms. With that in mind, this is less a time for dating, and more for team-work, team-building, group projects, vacations with BFFs, calling old friends, and feeling connected to your past. Venus is a charmer, too, so this is a great time to network for career–don’t shy away from things like career conferences, especially this month.


Your ruling planet, Mars (drive, libido, strife), moves into fiery Leo all month, which is a much better placement than its last location (namely emotional Cancer for the past six weeks). Mars-in-Leo will light up your Career zone, which betokens a great moment to make a name for yourself at work. But–and, this is a big “but”–you need to step onto the stage and into the limelight. Showy Leo has no problem with this–its energy is all about public recognition. Align with the Big Cat (and Mars’ ambition) to put yourself out there, whether that means making a social media push for your own brand or dazzling at the workplace. Follow up, ask for things, volunteer. With Mars in a fire sign, bear in mind, too, that your usually strategic cool self may be a little more heated than usual. Passion is great, overzealous not as much. Impress by action (good Mars), rather than reaction (bad Mars).


Your ruling planet, generous Jupiter, recently entered earthy Taurus in mid-May, where it will be hanging out for a year. As such, you may be still catching some Jupiter/Taurus feelings for increased material comforts around now. But the bigger transit for you this month is the Sun-in-Gemini activating your Relationship zone. Gemini is our most flirtatious energy and our most chatty and charming sign. Please align with this cosmic breeziness and focus on bringing some sass to your chats with a partner or paramour? If single, think about being out on the tiles, twirling a maraschino cherry in your cocktail. This is not a time for serious conversations but rather for the erotic thrill that comes from wordplay and a seductive turn of phrase. Gemini also is known for its curiosity. Try out some new things in the boudoir (either in terms of a kink or a never-before mentioned wish).


Time to focus on relationships and health–and the health of your relationships. To explain: Venus (love) lights up your Partnership zone for the first week of the month, then moves into your Intimacy section until October (long time). Meanwhile, the Gemini Sun flits through your Health zone until the Solstice, before entering your House of Partnerships around then. So, tons of planetary motion around love, partners, intimacy, sharing–as well as a health transit, too. It’s time, therefore, for a check-up, not necessarily with your doctor, but rather with yourself, your heart, your body. How are all these doing, in relation to close relations in your life? Intimacy good? Shared finances? Communication? (Remember Gemini energy is about talking). Diagnose any maladies and work on healing them this month, because Venus goes retrograde in your Intimacy zone soon, and you’re going to need strong immunity for that transit.


You’re a Sautrn-ruled sign (heavy) but the Cosmos is asking you to lighten up this month. Why? Until the Solstice, the airy Gemini Sun activates your Fun and Romance zone. This part of the chart relates to pleasure, entertainment, taverns, procreation, recreation, and artistic creation. On the 11th, it will be further energised by Mercury’s transit there. Mercury (communication) rules Gemini, so the next few weeks should be about putting into words what you want out of your current romance situation (if you’re in a relationship) or going out and chatting, flirting, and being social (if you’re single). If you’re in a creative solo-mode, this is also a great transit for hunkering down and writing and producing, as the Romance zone also pertains to creativity and Gemini is our most imaginative zodiacal energy. On the Solstice, the Sun moves into your House of Routine, Health, and Diet: a good time to schedule dentist and doctor visits.


With the mutable Gemini Sun highlighting your Home zone until the Solstice, look around your hearth: what needs to go? What needs to be rearranged? What corners need brightening? While Gemini is prolific when it comes to words, its mutability makes it somewhat economical when it comes to things. It doesn’t have trouble moving off of an outdated look, slugging style, or an object in the living room that no longer sparks joy. Align with Gem and aim to subtract, rather than add, around the home. On the Solstice, the Sun shifts over to caring Cancer, where it will illuminate your Romance zone. Emotional connections with a help-mate will feel much deeper than in airy Gemini. Here, we also have a very sweet transit for recreation, procreation, and artistic creation. Fun is your mantra around the Solstice.


Your ruler, war-like Mars, activates your Romance zone all month. While known for strife, the Red Planet also betokens lust and libido. Mars in this part of the chart, therefore, portends more sex-drive, as well as more desire for being out, looking for trouble. Indeed, the Romance zone is very much an “outdoor” energy, related to taverns, nightlife, and night moves. With the chatty Gemini Sun highlighting your Communication zone, as well, expect to feel more forward with words out on the tiles and around the boudoir. Two thematics to keep in mind this June, then: voicing and acting out your desires. On the Solstice, the Sun-in-Cancer enters your Home zone, indicating strong feelings (Cancer) around themes related to this part of the chart (father, father figures, dwelling). Nostalgia characterises Cancer: honour a father figure in your life toward the month’s end with some sort of loving gift, photograph, or shared memory (dads have feelings, too, for the most part).


Venus, your benefic ruling planet, is about to set up shop in your Home zone for a bizarrely long four month transit, beginning on June 5th. Usually, Planet Love moves quickly through signs–a few weeks–but whenever the Cosmos gives us anomalous placements like this, we need to take extra note. Venus is about beautifying and making connections with people, places, and things through love. This could be a time, therefore, to start a larger and longer renovation project on your home, making it more beautiful, along the way. But the Home zone also relates to fathers and father-figures. Perhaps this is a transit to start a larger renovation project on your relationship with your dad? In what ways do you need to repair the foundation there to make it stronger? If the thought of this kind of renovation feels way too much, just focus on your home and remodel your bathroom instead.

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