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Snuggle up in our June fashion favourites

June fashion favourites

We're coming to the end of June, which once again means our wardrobes are adapting to the cold front we are all experiencing here on the East Coast of Australia. Personally, the only thing I want to be shopping for is tiny sundresses and stringy bikinis, but alas, I am not internationally-bound for a few months yet, so will have to regretfully turn my attention towards layering pieces and clothing that sparks joy despite the cold. Oh well!

This month has been all about the interplay between masculine and feminine, and also being extremely comfortable. What's the fun in winter if you're not making people question whether you're wearing pyjamas to the office? Paloma Wool satiated this craving, as does Praying. For some fun and colour, I've got my eye on a red tie-dye sweater from Rika Studios – don't ask me why it works, I only know that it does – and t-shirts from TheOpen Product. For warmth, Acne Studios will always offer the best scarves.

In the footwear department is the new Adidas X Wales Bonner Samba Sneakers, and for accessories, it's an abstract shell necklace from Christopher Esber to offer winter mermaid energy.

Below, are our June fashion favourites. Stay cozy!

Paloma Wool Rene Pants

June fashion favourites

Adidas X Wales Bonner Samba Striped Trainers

June fashion favourites

Christopher Esber Odyssey Pendant

June fashion favourites

TheOpen Product Blue Love T-Shirt

June fashion favourites

Acne Studios Grey Check Shirt

June fashion favourites

Praying Butterfly Sweats

June fashion favourites

Acne Studios Fringe Wool Scarf

June fashion favourites

Rika Studios Sunny Jumper

Rutt Au Charlotte Hat

Maison Margiela Blue Wool Balaclava



CEE CLEAR Clear Tote Bag


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