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Jordan Daniels on fangirling, New York City and the soundtracks that defined her

Jordan Daniels on community, fangirling and the songs that defined her.

For model Jordan Daniels, it’s the little things in life that offer her a reprieve. A decaf coffee, a George Michael tune, talking about a great new book she read with someone she holds dearest. She’s not asking for the world, but considering her trajectory, she just might get it.

Born in Cape Town and raised in New Zealand, Daniels is now a bonafide New Yorker, gracing runways for the likes of Prada, Off-White and Valentino. But wherever she is in the world, Daniels affirms, home is where she makes it.

Here, RUSSH speaks with Daniels about how she defines her community, who she fangirls over, and the soundtracks that have permeated her life.

FENDI jacket, top, jeans and bag accessory (worn on top).


Tell us about your day on set shooting this story.

So, on this set I was particularly excited because I’ve been loving my natural hair texture and minimal makeup. I think as I get older I’m loving embracing different characters on set, but I’m also loving just being me – and this shoot really embodies that. I also loved working with the team; working with people from the same side of the world as me is always special.

Where do you call home currently? What’s the energy like?

Currently, New York is home for me. The energy is hard to describe – I feel like it’s whatever you want it to be. For me right now, it’s being at home, spring cleaning in between travelling for work, or simply travelling to set. But it could also be walking around, decaf in hand, with my friends wandering into thrift stores all day. It could also be going dancing or having a casual drink. I think all places are what you make them – especially the place you call home.


Left: FENDI jumpsuit and shoes. Right: FENDI jumper and and bag accessory (worn on hand).


Do you have any holiday destinations set for the summer and if so, where are you heading?

I think for the summer I’ll be mostly in Europe as usual. I’ll probably hit Greece, Italy, and Spain – but who knows where life will take me. I think that I want to travel within the US too this year. I would love to visit the south and see places I’ve never been before. I travel so much that it would be nice to not have to leave the country completely, but also to have an amazing experience somewhere new.

What are you currently listening to and what does it inspire in you?

I’ve been listening to Wham! a lot recently because I’m obsessed with George Michael. I also found myself listening to George Benson because I was going through a jazz phase. I don’t know if I have a crazy playlist where I don’t listen to one genre in particular, but I love listening to a mixture of songs with words and without.


Left: FENDI coat, skirt and shoes. Right: FENDI coat belt (worn as top) and jeans.


Who have been some of your strongest influences both personally and creatively?

This is a great question. My strongest influences within reach are my mother, my boyfriend and my best friends – who I can count on one hand. Creatively, they are also objectively my strongest influences.But honestly, lately I’ve been reading a lot of different, interesting books and speaking to my family and friends about the books as I’m reading – and that’s been really influential. It’s giving me flashbacks to being in school and reading things while having an open forum about them. It really works.

What was the first concert you went to, and do you remember how you felt?

The first concert I ever went to was Beyoncé. I went with two cousins, aunties and my mum. It was lit. I remember we had seats, because obviously our parents weren’t going to go into the mosh pit, but it was an incredible experience. I sang every single song, and Beyoncé put on an amazing show. I felt like I was buzzing afterwards. To be honest, now I don’t attend concerts anymore because I get anxious in large crowds and it makes me uncomfortable – but I’m glad I had that experience.


FENDI jacket, top, jeans and bag accessory (worn on top).


Does art or music ever influence the way you dress or how you do your makeup?

Yes, absolutely. I think of art as photographs, so I’m constantly looking at old images of models on runways and on red carpets. In general, I’m just scouring Pinterest for inspiration always. I don’t really put on an outfit anymore without looking at images to inspire me. I always do my makeup and my hair at the same time as getting dressed, so sometimes if I can’t find something to wear, I’ll stop and do my makeup so I feel cuter and more confident experimenting with pieces. I like to try different things, but always stick to feeling like myself. I always wear my hair natural and loose, and I just do a little blush, lip gloss and mascara. Lately, I’ve been doing faux freckles and I love it.

What does the word community mean to you?

Community, to me, is a kind of village of support around you that you can reach out to at certain moments for different needs. My community could become a Pilates studio that I frequent over the space of a few weeks or months, and it is my friend that I always do the classes with. My community is my boyfriend and his family who I’m quite close with. I’ve also built my own community of people that I’ve been friends with since I moved to New York – I’ve been with the same friends for years. I think that is a character trait that is admirable – to always see people with the same people.


Left: FENDI pants. Right: FENDI swimsuit, skirt and shoes.


What’s your favourite song that you’ve walked to on the runway?

Wish I Don’t Miss You by Angie Stone. I can’t even remember which show it was that I walked to it – it was so long ago. But that was such a moment to walk to such a beautiful song.

If you were stranded on a desert island, and you could bring three books, which would you choose and why?

I would choose Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr Joe Dispenza, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, and something like a survival guide – or a guide on all the poisonous plants.


Left: FENDI swimsuit. Right: FENDI jacket, jumper, shoes and bag.


Would you consider yourself a fangirl? Who for?

Yes, I am a fangirl of so many women that are pretty much all of my friends. I’m also a fangirl of very particular men (not that many), but definitely Pedro Pascal.

Who is one artist – dead or alive – you wish you could see in concert and why?

Whitney Houston. I’ve been obsessed with her since I was a kid because my mum used to have this DVD of all of her music videos and played them back-to-back. I fell in love with how old music videos would tell a story. She was such a captivating figure – so beautiful and effortless. I miss her even though we never met.


Left: FENDI jacket, skirt, shoes and bag. Right: FENDI swimsuit and jumper.


What song do you put on before you leave for a night out?

I usually would put on Careless Whisper by George Michael.

What is your go-to summer anthem?

Only You by Steve Monite. And currently, Kill Bill by SZA.

FASHION Charlotte Agnew
MODEL Jordan Daniels @ Chadwick Models
HAIR Hide Suzuki
MAKEUP Asami Matsuda using Shiseido

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