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Photo diary: a day trip with Celine to QueensPlaza, Brisbane

Celine Brisbane QueensPlaza pop up

Celine's emblematic logo was dotted throughout Sydney airport last Thursday, as a handful of creatives and models, namely Victoria Lee, Sarah Ellen, Gabriella Brooks, Carmen Hamilton, Violet Atkinson and more boarded a flight to Brisbane to visit the brand's QueensPlaza pop up in the heart of the city.

Once we had biker boots on the ground, we piled into a van and hit the road to Brisbane's newly iconic Calile Hotel, where, upon check in, we moseyed down to the lobby to indulge in the elite hotel classic lunch: salad with fries and a Coke. Refreshment was bliss, and before we knew it, we were heading over to Milani Gallery to explore what was programmed for the month. Currently, it's Natalya Hughes' The Artists Hands. 

After our arts and culture fix, it was time to visit Celine's QueensPlaza pop up. Located in the centre of the Plaza, the towering mirrored gold structure is difficult to miss. Available to attend until the 30th of July, the pop-up provides a unique opportunity for those in Brisbane to shop Celine accessories, namely bags and sunglasses, in real life, and get a feel for the leather goods they may have been coveting for some time.

For those who are Queensland based, it offers shoppers an up-close and personal experience with Celine, which currently only has flagships in Sydney and Melbourne. We tried on sunglasses and sprawled in the pop up for as long as they'd let us, before returning to the Calile for a quick refresh before heading to Honto for dinner. Drinks were shared, sashimi and fried chicken were consumed, conversation flowed, all of us clad in Celine's iconic silhouettes.

It was a day trip to remember, collapsing into bed with the realisation that if Celine is here, perhaps we could be, too...

See our photo diary from the entire trip with Celine and more, below.

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