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14 luggage brands for hassle-free travel from transit to tarmac

There's a lot that goes into planning a trip, agnostic of whether it's a weekender up the coast or a month-long holiday in a foreign country. The "Type A" travellers among us will know that there's a long and ever-growing list of tasks to get through before we embark, the culmination of which can feel, at the best of times, annoying, and at the worst, overwhelming to the highest degree. Booking flights, packing bags, corralling our fellow travel buddies and stocking up on last-minute items essential to a sound trip. It can all be a bit much when we dig out and dust off our suitcase only to realise it's no longer in top form for the trip ahead.

Luggage is almost unarguably the most quintessential part of travelling. For obvious reasons, it can make or break your experience – god forbid a burst zipper leaves your belongings strewn along a luggage carousel at the other end of a long-haul flight, or a busted wheel forces you to now drag, instead of deftly roll, your bag through the hotel lobby. Priorities might shift person-to-person, but a good suitcase will always be paramount.

There are endless luggage and travel accessory brands out there, ranging in price and quality, so it can be difficult to find a brand that works for your circumstances and unique needs. Are you looking for a built-in portable charger? Do you want your case to be light-as-a-feather? What about a lock code to entry? All-terrain wheels? Or perhaps something budget-friendly, with a smaller price tag? Whatever your prerogative, we've got you covered. In an effort to reduce the number off of tasks on your pre-trip to do list, we've gone ahead and selected a list of our favourite luggage brands to suit all needs, budgets and tastes.



Since first pioneering the polycarbonate suitcase in 2000, Rimowa has been at the fore of luggage offerings. With several price tiers, the brand is great for locating an investment piece that's lightweight, durable and stylish to boot.



July offers a lifetime warranty on all their luggage, and a 100-day free trial for a risk-free taster. Complete with in-built, ejectable USB power bank and free personalisation, it makes for the perfect travel companion.



Beis suit cases are available in a variety of sizes and contemporary colour ways, boasting expandable capacity and a high quality finish. TSA-approved locks and 360-degree wheels are added bonuses.



Antler is an iconic British brand, having made suitcases for more than a century. Available hard or soft shell, they are known to be incredibly lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.


Samsonite x New Balance

Samsonite is great on price and offers a wide assortment of hardside and softside styles. This collaboration with footwear juggernauts New Balance is a candy-coloured dream, and the perfect way to elevate your luggage's style and visibility on the collection carousel. Their products remain amongst the most high-quality, durable and easy to use.



They might look akin to Wes Anderson set props, but Steamline luggage is expertly made in Dublin, Ireland. Too pretty to hide away at home, you'll want to take a couple extra trips with these in tow.


American Tourister

Durable but without all the bells and whistles, American Tourister is a budget-friendly option with lots of fun and functional models to suit the casual vacationer.


Deadly Ponies

Crafted by artisans at their eco-atelier in New Zealand, these high quality leather bags are an ideal carry-on option, capacious enough to fit all of your plane essentials and then some.



For those of us with a taste for the finer things in life, Gucci's luggage options are notable for their deceptive durability and soft leather finishes; an investment piece to last a lifetime of vacations.



Sustainability is core to the Paravel ethos, their carbon-neutral, hard shell luggage accompanied by a 10 year warranty. The certified climate-neutral company Nearly everything offers a myriad of options for customisation, with foil, embroidery, UV-printed or hand-painted monograms available.


The Row

The epitome of quiet luxury, The Row is the height of craftsmanship and quality. They offer several bag styles that make for ideal plane-seat companions, although they are certainly at a higher price point than most in this list.


Vestiaire Collective

Sustainability doesn't really get much better than buying second hand, and Vestiaire Collective is a luxury retailer that stocks a variety of high-end re-sale luggage for much more affordable prices. Had your eye on a piece of LV luggage that you can't buy in store anymore? You might just find it here for a bargain price.



Made from top-quality materials with a 5 year warranty, Tumi has been providing exceptional quality luggage since the 1970s. Newer models also come with USB charging ports and and the ability to personalise with monograms.



With leather or hardshell options available, SPRAYGROUND isn't a brand for the bland and boring. The New York-based company revels in the imaginative, hiding secret pockets in all of their bags for owners to find. But they don't don't compromise on quality either, with the kind of craftsmanship you'd expect of a brad with a much higher price point.


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