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Own a piece of Galliano-Dior with the arrival of its first archive auction


Some could easily argue that John Galliano's tenure at the helms of Dior was a memorable one. Ascending the house and its haute couture to outer worldly realms of extravagance and theatrics; from Galliano's arrival in 1996 to his departure in 2011, Galliano pushed Dior to the brink of every boundary, bringing Dior's era of the new look to a new age.

When it comes to the time where creative directorship changes, a chapter closes and a new one always begins. As for Galliano departure at Dior, his pieces quickly became a piece of history and art, ones that remained unforgettable for all. Now, nevertheless, Galliano-Dior will become accessible for all following an official announcement of a Dior-Galliano archive auction held at Parisian auction house Cornette de Saint Cyr.

Featuring over 500 vintage pieces of Galliano-Dior, with over 300 of the pieces donated by a Russian Galliano-Dior enthusiast and collector, the pieces will range from an accessible €30 traveling up to €6,000 for more exclusive items.

“The sale is very representative of the evolution of Galliano’s style at the house of Dior,” director of the luxury and vintage department at Cornette de Saint Cyr Hubert Felbacq told WWD.

From Galliano's iconic Saddle bag that still holds as much popularity and value up until today, along with Dior Lady style bags and evening dresses from Galliano's first collection, the archive auction doubles as a celebration and tribute into the fantastical Galliano spell that was Christian Dior for 15 years.

Luckily, the Galliano-Dior items for auction are neatly catalogued for our perusal and can be viewed on The archive auction will take place June 8, 8am EST with the archive Galliano-Dior pieces on display at the auction house Cornette de Saint Cyr headquarters in Paris. More information on the official archive auction and the pieces are available online through visiting their website.


Feature image Christian Dior Couture Spring 1998

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