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Dior Lady Art #2

Make my dreams reality. Christian Dior has once again aligned with 10 artists from across the world to reimagine its Lady Dior bag. The collaboration allows for each artist to transform the house's iconic carrier into wearable art, untethered by a set brief, encouraged to push their creative practice to its most tangible limits. “I thought it looked like an iconic bag,” says multimedia artist Hong Hao of his first impressions. “I wished to add a new style to the bag, letting my work find itself in a new form of expression. It's also a way to communicate my art with a wider audience.”

Hao finds deep fascination in the ordinary. The tiny pieces of everyday debris that fill the cracks and empty spaces of our lives – ticket stubs, buttons, maps, bank notes, food containers. The surface design of his interpretation was based on the visual arrangements of his works, “which makes it look like there is a sense of entity and depth – more glamorous and shiny.” The pop-art style carrier is made tactile by coloured buttons and the Dior keychain, inspired by his 2008 work About Circle No. 4.

“I desired the crossover, of art and fashion, which I believe is the vision and foundation of our co-operation.”