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Christian Dior’s newest fragrance Eden Roc wants to take you on a journey to the French Riviera

Perched on the coastline of the French Riviera town of Antibes is the iconic and historic Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc. This luxury destination slightly West of Cannes is one steeped in history. In fact the hotel recently celebrated its 150th anniversary.

It is this special place that served as the inspiration behind one of the newest creations from Maison Christian Dior. Introducing Eden-Roc, a sunlit fragrance inspired by the elegance and beauty found at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc. Maison Christian Dior chose to honour the legendary luxury hotel with this new scent, one which tells the tale of salt air and bright skies.

It was created by François Demachy, Perfumer-Creator who was brilliantly inspired by this Mediterranean paradise - merging the Parisian elegance of Maison Christian Dior with the natural and serene beauty of an iconic hotel.



Eden-Roc is an olfactory journey, ready to transport you to the beaches of Antibes. The rich sapphire waters of the cote d'azur contrasting against the bone-white rocky cliffs. Topiaried and manicured gardens framing the bleached stone walls of the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc, a hotel by the sea in every sense of the word. This is a scent that allows you to smell the salt of the ocean, breathe in the pine of the nearby trees and sense the warmth - almost feeling the sun kissing your skin.

"I composed Eden-Roc by imagining myself arriving at the hotel by the sea. The salt, sun, pale rocks and luxuriant vegetation all influenced me. This fragrance is a scented reflection of Cap d'Antibe's exceptional location. The accords tell a Mediterranean story of marine air, flowers and citrus fruits, aromatic scents and maritime pine trees. Eden-Roc is a legend of luxury and oxygen, of extreme sophistication and exquisite simplicity." - François Demachy, Perfumer-Creator

The new Maison Christian Dior Eden-Roc collection comes in a perfume, candle, body lotion and handwash. It is available now on


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