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Swoon: watch Joesef and Loyle Carner’s ‘I Wonder Why’ video first on RUSSH

Early in his career, Joesef earned a reputation for creating exclusively 'sad boy' grooves. His new single I Wonder Why is a collaboration with hip-hop artist and fellow emotionally intelligent performer Loyle Carner. And it doesn't stray far from what we've come to expect from this Glaswegian guy on the rise. In Joesef's eyes, and his lyrics, emotions are better shared. (He's Cancerian.)

The single is all about "the slow burn of heartache, and the cyclical nature of losing someone and trying to forget about it." And the new I Wonder Why video - filmed in a moody bedroom and premiering exclusively on RUSSH - only adds to the emotive effect. It's a familiar vibe right now, whether its heartbreak keeping you inside or otherwise. But as everyone who's been a teenager knows, sometimes a tune that speaks to your feelings is the only company you need.

Enter, I Wonder Why.



"I wanted the video to feel intimate," Joesef explains.

"And for it to be shot in a bedroom with the idea of your room reflecting your mental state."

It certainly makes the most of the space, with director Molly Burdett creating all seasons in one day. "[She] captured this perfectly by introducing a hot to cold transition," Joesef notes. "It really helped bring the room to life with these subtle touches."

As per the times we're living through, restrictions meant that Loyle Carner couldn't make it into the video. But you can hear his voice via the vintage radio.

True to the bedroom mood, I Wonder Why was self-produced in Joesef's Glasgow apartment. The soaring new tune follows Joesef's recent tracks The Sun Is Up Forever and Think That I Don’t Need Your Love. And his debut EP Play Me Something Nice. 

Take a listen - but also a word of warning. You won't be able to get Joesef out of your head.



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