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Joe Biden’s inauguration playlist is enough to tune into the inauguration


While we don't live in America, it's pretty safe to say that the entire world is entangled with American politics right now, and have been since Donald Trump was elected into office in 2016. It's finally time to say goodbye to the man who has inflicted endless damage on communities that fall outside of the 1% across the US, leaving on the lowest note in history after being impeached for a second time for incitement of violence and the insurrection of the attacks on Washington's Captiol building earlier this month. Out with the old, in with the...older, but hugely improved 46th president of the United States, Joseph R. Biden Jr. who is once again proving that he can 'get down' with the modern world with the release of his Inauguration playlist, which actually slaps.

Most preparations for the event on January 20 this year have been themed around the doom and potential of Trump supporters starting a violent riot once again: increasing security, having the national guard on standby, the usual. However, Biden and vice president-elect Kamala Harris don't seem to be letting this dampen the mood, by jointly releasing their official victory playlist, inviting Tom Hanks to host the celebration, and having icons like Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez perform.

The playlist in question has been carefully curated by Issa Rae in collaboration with D-nice, and released on Rae's music platform Raedio via SoundCloud. The iconic playlist includes 46 songs, aptly themed around Biden as the 46th president, and spans across many genre's, and even more generations, featuring tracks by Kendrick Lamar, SZA, Dua Lipa, Steely Dan, MF DOOM, KAYTRANADA, Beyonce, and Mary J Blige. A true mixed bag of bops.

"A carefully curated playlist by the good folks at Raedio for the Inauguration of the 46th president & vice president of the United States," a statement via SoundCloud noted. "As this wonderous transition of power ensues, we strongly hold the joy of these select songs to be self-evident.” In celebration, have a listen for yourself below.


Image: @kamalaharris