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Will our thirst for Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac ever subside? It seems unlikely after viewing this TikTok

We never expected to feel so much for a couple that is not even a couple, let alone one we'd never met, but Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac continue to remind us that the heart wants what it wants, even if only vicariously. Our first sighting of the spark between the old Julliard pals, was at Venice Film Festival when Isaac peered down to sniff Chastain's armpit on the red carpet in a strange but sensual gag.

Upon coming across the clip, the internet, true to form, practically combusted in a fit of horniness. Especially considering no one could quite work out if it was a sniff or a kiss from Isaac. Never one to let the truth get in the way of a good story, us internet natives opted for the latter and latched onto this Gaga-Cooper-esque PR stunt with a vice like grip, watching Isaac tenderly gaze and caress Chastain's shoulder on repeat.

So, in the spirit of the age old adage "if it's not broke don't fix it", the Scenes from a Marriage leads have lured us in once again with a TikTok that leverages their sizzling chemistry. In the clip, Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac are walking along a path, shoulder to shoulder, and Chastain is discussing their recent Golden Globe nomination when the person recording the video asks, "Jess, why don’t you try and get him [Isaac] to join TikTok?" As Jessica throws her arm around Oscar her white jacket pops open, and Isaac quips: "That'll convince me". The two laughed it off and continued to sing the praises of TikTok, us viewers knowing full well that this kind of scenario and insight is one of the them.

@jes_chastainToday Oscar Isaac and I were nominated for a Golden Globe and I am also nominating him to join TikTok.♬ original sound - Jessica Chastain

Granted, it doesn't take much to rouse our inner horn, but we can't ignore that Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac sure know how to set it off. Are we upset about this? Definitely not.

For those among us yet to dive into Scenes from a Marriage, we've included the trailer below for your perusal.

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