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Jessica Chastain and Anne Hathaway yield to campy, woman-made horrors in ‘Mothers’ Instinct’

Jessica Chastain and Anne Hathaway have bowled over audiences as the lead actresses in a new psychological thriller, Mothers' Instinct. The pair's portrayal of 1960s housewives takes a dark turn following a tragic accident that inserts feelings of guilt, paranoia and suspicion into their previously picture-perfect friendship.

The film will see Chastain and Hathaway reunite for the first time on screen since starring in Christopher Nolan's 2014 blockbuster, Interstellar. In Mother's Instinct, Celine (Hathaway) and Alice (Chastain) are two best friends and neighbours who live the privileged, idealistic lifestyle of 1960s America – complete with perfectly manicured lawns, successful husbands and sons of the same age. Suddenly, their world's fold as an unexpected tragedy and the consequences that come with it sever their sisterly bond. Unravelling over their lives is this parallel sense of decay. The two women will come head to head and arm in arm supporting and conspiring against one another.

Director Olivier Masset-Depasse is at the helm of the English-language remake of his original 2018 Belgian movie Duelles. The film was critically acclaimed, winning Masset-Depasse a record nine Magritte Awards from the Belgian Academy including Best Film and Best Director.

Watch the trailer for Duelles, below.

“It takes actors of Jessica and Anne’s caliber to communicate the intricacy of these two role,” Masset-Depasse said.

“The relationship between a mother and child is the most powerful connection between two human beings. In the behind-closed-doors atmosphere of 1960’s America, Mothers’ Instinct becomes a terrifying, high-pressure powder keg.”

Tragedy befalls the two homemakers, who are smothered in the mania of conducting normal life while grief is mounting. "Is it enough for you, this life?" Alice asks Céline, in one of the shatteringly earnest moments in the film. We'll have to watch til the bitter end to find out.

Where can I watch the trailer of Mothers' Instinct?


Where can I watch Mothers' Instinct?

The film is streaming now on Amazon Prime.


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