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Mad about the boy: We’re saying goodbye to Colin Firth and hello to Leo Woodall in ‘Bridget Jones 4’

Mad about the boy: We're saying goodbye to Colin Firth and hello to Leo Woodall in 'Bridget Jones 4'

Out with the old, in with the new. In line with the third novel of Helen Fielding's Mad About the Boy series, Bridget Jones 4 opens with a tragedy of sorts, and they've swapped out our beloved Mark Darcy for a blinkering, shinier toy in the shape of One Day star, Leo Woodall.


What's the storyline of Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy?

Taking place four years after the previous film, Renee Zellweger's beloved character will return as our perfectly un-manicured English Rose, now raising two children and looking for love in all the wrong (or potentially right?) places.

She's back, but what at cost? Based off of the book, we predict our protagonist will return to the big screen noticeably less plucky. Who can blame her? The newly bereaved Bridget will attempt to find love again as a widow, as Colin Firth's character has met an untimely end with a landmine in Sudan. (Fielding made sure all possibility of return was rendered void when she chopped him in the 2013 sequel novel.) It appears there are some eye-watering prices of adhering too close to the source material. Cheeky reprobate Daniel will also return, thank you Hugh Grant.


Who is involved?

Fielding herself will pen the script, so rest assured we'll be in good hands. Michael Morris (responsible for hits like To Leslie and Better Call Saul) will be the first man to direct.

The fourth instalment of Bridget Jones comes with a gift-wrapped, rom-com appropriate surprise: Leo Woodall will likely star as the titular love interest of our very heroine. Hot off the press of the One Day remake, the newcomer is quickly gaining momentum as our newest rom-com heavyweight.

Hugh Grant, who played Daniel Cleaver in the original two films (but who was sadly absent from the third) is supposed to be making a grand return – as is the beloved Emma Thompson. Chiwetel Ejiofor (from 2019's The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind) has also made the casting cut.


Is there a release date?

We haven't flagged a thing apart from whispers of filming to begin in London mid-year, but when we do – we'll let you know here.

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