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Jerico Contemporary is taking submissions for its ‘Intimacy’ show

Jerico Contemporary Intimacy Anna Pogossova

Ready to bear your soul? Jerico Contemporary is taking submissions for its upcoming exhibition, Intimacy.

It's the first time the Sydney-based gallery has opened its doors beyond its rotation of represented artists. "I wanted to create an exhibition that spoke to this longing for connection, uncertainty of time and conceptualisations of intimacy between our public and private life," owner and curator Jerico Tracy explains of the sentiment.

"Intimacy came together as an idea to connect our wider artistic community and have the exhibition represent a global perspective, which is why for the first in our gallery's history we opened submissions beyond our artist stable."

"As a curator there is always a longing to to connect art to the contemporary realities of the world around us, and engage in a dialogue that speaks to what is occurring in real time. Over the last few months, the pandemic has united people from across the globe in their isolation."

Intimacy will consider our entangled, intimate relations with beings and through objects. The submission brief references the words of Cuban-born American artist Felix Gonzalez-Torres:

"Don’t be afraid of the clocks, they are our time, time has been generous to us. We imprinted time with the sweet taste of victory. We conquered fate by meeting a certain TIME in a certain space. We are a product of the time, therefore we give credit where it is due: time. We are synchronised, now and forever. I love you."

Want to submit your work of art? Artists world-over are invited to respond with their preferred mode of intimate self-expression.

According to the gallery, successful submissions will respond with a vocabulary reminiscent of Minimalism to address themes such as love and loss, companionship and loneliness. While mediums will differ, all works will echo the fragility of intimacy.

Submissions are open until June 19.


Artwork: Anna Pogossova, Untitled, 2020