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The new home fragrance creator that should be on your radar

The Fievre

For many of us scented candles are more than a love, they're an obsession.

I, personally, have an entire cupboard dedicated to my candle collection. I have a scent for every season and every mood. There's something so affecting about the delicate perfume of a lit candle, gently laced with that soft smoky smell from the flame. It adds life and warmth to any space.

So, it's always an exciting moment when we discover a new creator in the realm of fragrance. Introducing The Fievre.



The Fievre is a brand born from years of passion. It spent three full years in development. Brand founder Benjamin Croft made many pilgrimages to the fragrance capital of the world, Grasse in France, to perfectly formulate the brand's scents.

Croft found the perfect collaborator in Mark Buxton - a name you will recognise. Buxton is a world-renowned Parisian perfumer. He's created scents for cult brands like Le Labo, and also names like Givenchy and Comme des Garçons to mention just a few.

These candles are made without compromise. They're crafted with perfume-grade ingredients sourced from Grasse to create an enveloping experience.

Croft credits Patrick Suskin's novel Perfume with introducing him to the world of perfumery. Ensnared by the artistry and experiential elements in fragrance making, he sought to create a collection of scents that celebrates olfactive beauty.



There are currently three scents in The Fievre's range. With notes of tobacco, spice and amber, Night Call is a sophisticated scent. It conjures feelings of want and anticipation, inspired by young lovers of the night. Byronesque is a fragrance that layers leather, wood and notes of patchouli, think the smell of old leather-bound books coupled with the romantic hints of springtime. Enigmatic, Ouro Wood features spice, wood and musk. It's an ode to the mystic and infinite nature of the universe.


The Fievre


It's also worth noting that The Fievre is made from fine-quality, raw materials, so if you're sensitive to conventional fragrances, these natural formulations will be much easier on your senses.

If you love fragranced candles, these should absolutely be next on your list.

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