The winter candles on our wish-lists for the cold season


The colder it gets, the more we feel inclined to deck our spaces with the cosiest of objects. New woolly throws, chic slippers, flannel bedsheets perhaps, anything to make the space feel ‘warm’ considering the temperature is simply not. There is something comforting about resetting a space to match the seasons. I for one, have pushed my couch into the corner of the living room to make it feel more ‘nooky’ and am coveting a new rug for my poor, cold toes to perch on under my dining table. One of my favourite and completely cheaper ways to get the house ready for the colder months is to stock up on candles that just smell like warm things, to really get in the mood (it takes a lot to get me and winter acquainted). Below, we’re rounding up our favourite warm smelling candles for maximum cosiness.


Apotheko Charcoal Candle

This baby is a full-bodied fragrance that smells like a literal campfire which, to me is the perfect cosy scent. As someone who is not interested in sweet smells, this candle does the trick in warming up the space without making it feel like someone is torching a marshmallow nearby.


The Ayu Rose and Oudh Candle

Smokey Oud and Rose come together in a very happy union in this soy-based candle. Soothing and balancing, each candle is hand poured with care to provide a warm, floral hug for the colder months. This is definitely a candle you want people to associate your ‘home smell’ with.


Coqui Coqui Flor De Mayo Candle

For the floral lover who isn’t quite ready to let go of summer, consider Flor De Mayo. Jasmine lifts the overall fresh vibes while warm plumeria flower grounds it comfortingly. Perfect for the transitional season to ease you into the chilly months ahead.


Boy Smells Cedar Stack Candle

Super inviting and warm. Cedar Stack is, as you may have guessed built on notes of warm cedar and backed up with juniper berry, sawdust and white musk. The perfect scent to carry you through the cold is reminiscent of hanging out in a log cabin with a fire blazing.


D.S & Durga Portable Fireplace Candle

As the name suggests, this candle was created to evoke feelings of getting comfortable near a fireplace. Notes of birch, copaiba resin, smoke, oak, and dwarf pine really take you there.


Maison Balzac La Chapelle Candle

Warm and heady. La Chapelle carries the cosiest of notes: incense, myrhh and Mediterranean cistus create the perfect mood. When this is burning, I get endless comments on ‘what smells so good’ throughout the house. This one definitely packs a soft punch.