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The chic slippers we’re coveting this season


It is officially cold.

This is the worst for many reasons. The first being that it's May, a month in Australia that is brisk at best but certainly not legitimately cold. The second, is that we no longer have office heating to keep us cosy and regulated, since most of us are working from home.

If, like me, you live in an old, completely un-insulated apartment, effectively heating it without bankrupting yourself is near impossible. This means I'm turning to layering, and as my mother has taught me, there's no use rugging up if your feet aren't cosy. So behold, a compilation of all of the chic, warm and cosy slippers we've got our eyes on this season.


Monte Store Slippers


Cosy, squishy,  jewel toned and classically shaped, these slippers are monogram-able heaven. The perfect pair for lounging at home with a touch of glamour. Modelled off the traditional prince Albert slipper and ethically produced in premium velvet with a leather sole to keep the cold out, you cant go wrong with a classic.


Mara & Mine Estrella Slipper


These slippers make me feel like I'm about to head down to the country club in a good way. Think old Ralph Lauren ads. Quilted satin interior with a suede upper and a ever-so-slightly stacked heel makes these perfect for a Saturday morning coffee dash to enjoy at home in a bathrobe.


Lauren Manoogian Mono Alpaca-blend Slippers


Somewhere between a clog and a slipper, these babies were born. Essentially an inverted version of an UGG, these outside slippers feature a leather interior and sole with an alpaca blend upper. Available in the best neutrals for easy styling.


The Row Sabot Backless Shearling-lined Leather Loafers


An outdoor slipper dream. Shearling clad interiors with a sleek, leather exterior means this is the perfect shoe to go from desk-side to the outside world. Who else dreads taking off a cozy pair of slippers to slide into 'real shoes'? now two become one and my prayers have been answered.


UGG Ansley Slipper


The OG slipper in a slightly more refined shape. Still daggy AF, but since loafers are coming back, these are our ultimate cozy choice.