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Say it with flowers – see nature creators invited by Alexander McQueen

Finding moments of beauty in the darkest of times. Showcasing overflowing lush greens, to the most delicate and sweet petal delights. From the tallest of trees that inspire the breath of fresh air, to sun drenched fields full of rich nourishing warmth. What continues to ground us all from now and till forever, will always be nature.


From last week, luxury house Alexander McQueen #McQueenCreators invited followers and creatives alike via their Instagram page to submit a photography piece with the commission of a simple brief. To capture their perceptions of nature during this moment of global quarantine.


Alice Schillaci, Milan Italy. Images shot in Milan, Italy.


“I’ve always been inspired by nature – it’s a thread which runs through everything we create at McQueen. The most important thing now is for us to reconnect with nature. These pictures are a reflection of that thought.”

Sarah Burton, Creative Director


The series of images were unveiled over a 24-hour period, showcasing incredible wonders that were shot during the global lockdown period from photographers all over the world. The submissions include shots from both long-standing McQueen collaborators along with emerging talent.


Wing Shya, Hong Kong. Image shot in Argentina.


The global creatives participating include Wing Shya from Hong Kong; Luo Yang from Shanghai; Hannah Moon from Seoul; Alice Schillaci from Milan, Italy; Chloe Le Drezen from London, UK; Julia Noni from Bourgeauville, France; Luis Alberto Rodriguez from Berlin, Germany and many more.


From left: Luis Alberto Rodriguez, Berlin, Germany; Image shot in Berlin, Germany. Chloe Le Drezen, London, UK; Image shot in Melbourne, Australia


Now more than ever, the inspiration from nature, along with its regenerative beauty is a symbol of hope for all during the dark times of coronavirus and global isolation. As the creative industries have been some of the most deeply affected, projects such as this are a shining light and a welcome respite in the long days that mesh into one.


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